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Rashmi Saran

Rupu – our dear parrot

  The other day my Mother was on the phone. She sounded very excited. “Do you know, there is this parrot which flies into our house for the last 2 days, sits on my hand, also on my shoulder and then… Continue Reading →

Emotional Intelligence during times of distress

Some time back, I faced a harrowing situation. Along with my daughters, I was returning home from my parents’ place. The evening had witnessed a very heavy downpour. In spite of my worst intuitions and those of my better half… Continue Reading →

Take control of your emotions before they take control of you

In one of my corporate assignments, my boss had this habit of not receiving my calls when I most needed to talk to him, whether it was for some approval, some advice or some help. After a few more unanswered… Continue Reading →

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