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Ritu Garg

Are you hiding your illness or unpleasant relationship from your kids ?

While reading  a book by an   Indian  author, Jerry Pinto’s  Em and the Big Hoom , I was totally sucked into his life. His  young years were a whirlpool unleashed by his mother’s  bipolar personality and bouts of clinical depression…. Continue Reading →


GO TO  GOA—–GO TO GOD Lollapalooza !! The rustic there exhaled the scent of mystic. The moment my feet touched that terra firma , the profundity of the lines “ You may write me down in history with your bitter… Continue Reading →

The Call of Proletarian ___

“I am from among Have-Nots. But I Have no Notes. Let’s change the vocabulary of votes! Let those who Have notes Be called the Have-Nots They Have-Not  “ hunger” They Have- Not “ labour” They Have- Not “ sweat” They… Continue Reading →

DREAM INDIA: Poetry that makes a Difference

I am a bureaucrat  Divide and rule The Corrupt’s biggest tool Remember the crooked monkey Whom two cats asked to divide a roti Bit by bit the smart ape ate every bite balancing  heavy plate with the light Facetious cats… Continue Reading →


Everyone seems to have an opinion on the behavior of teens and their tantrums. And the flavor is often critical and regretful. Their labile moods, their unkempt manes, their weird wardrobes, their cultish obsessions with some symbols and charms and… Continue Reading →

Corruption—Can we control it through Lateral Intervention ?

Who will be India’s‘Alexander, The Great’ to cut the Gordian Knot of corruption? Legend has it that when Alexander could not untie the knot owing to its complicated structure, he simply cut it with his sword!  A fine example of… Continue Reading →

Finding Love through Spirituality in Marriage.

  “A marriage between two people is the beginning of love or the beginning of the end of love?” This is the question that comes to my mind when I reflect upon the disconnect a couple develops as their union becomes old. And… Continue Reading →

Amor Fati in a cookie !

  That’s the way the cookie crumbles.  So the cake crumbled too before it could be made into fine and firm slices. This was the last thing that I wanted. I was beginning to get upset and then as I turned back, I noticed “Amor Fati” engraved… Continue Reading →

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