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Rohit Gehani

Anxiety to Exciting Trip – A Personal Experience

Can you see this old man and imagine how he feels? He is full of fear and anxiety with the thought of flying in the air. Reasons: Could be scared of death Doesn’t Fly Often (Anxiety) Has to pay for… Continue Reading →

Spirituality is a game of 7….

Spirituality is a journey of Self Discovery which continues till the last breath. Spirituality is a subject of great debate in today’s time especially when each one is fighting a mental war but is unable to take the spiritual path… Continue Reading →

3 words of Corruption

3 words of Corruption   Corruption is a menace in every country in big or small way and getting rid of corruption is a priority for every country. Corruption has spread from the top people right to the bottom people… Continue Reading →

Relationship with the Self – A Beautiful Relationship

Every Relationship involves 2. Without 2 people the relationship cannot be complete. It’s an exchange of energy which either makes the relationship stronger or weaker. Many people spend all their lives doing things for others without thinking about the self and… Continue Reading →

Relationship Secrets – Every girl needs a MAN who is a FAN

Relationships have become very unpredictable and strange these days. 2 facts about relationship that hit my mind very instantly are Divorce in Relationship Not interested in Relationship Our mother and father or maybe uncles and unties have been in a relationship… Continue Reading →

You are the Captain of this Ship called Relationship

What can you think of when you see the picture? I am sure many of you would answer the below. TITANIC It was a wonderful love story on relationship, isn’t it? Here we won’t go into a repeat of the… Continue Reading →

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