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Sachin Jalan


    Oonchai ka dar thha usey, Aur udne ki chah bhi! Na pankh the koi, na udaan bhar ki hawa thi, Par sunti kahan thi, wo rukti kahan thi! Jaisi sochi bhi na ho kisine Duniya aise uska jahan… Continue Reading →

Parents -The Real Gods

  A 20-year-old a boy went up to a sage of high repute and said to him, “I’m tired of this mortal world, I want freedom from the circle of life. Please help me attain enlightenment and I promise I… Continue Reading →

Can Corruption and Bribery be Eradicated from India?

Corruption is a serious malice I had read in the Civics subject text-book in class five, and I continue to believe so. So do we all. We’ve always spoken against corruption, cursed the authorities and the babus practicing it religiously… Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of science

If you’ve ever felt that the reason for your existence is much more than just the chemistry and biology governing natural organisms, you have at some point pondered about the purpose of life (most probably in the shower). And this… Continue Reading →

The Empty and meaningless Life

Do you ever wonder how life got so complicated? Do you ever wish for simplicity in life, just like it was when we were kids? By the way kids today have a pretty complicated life themselves so, just think it… Continue Reading →

The Hallucinating Human

The Hallucinating Human   So, I was watching Bajirao Mastani last weekend and just when I was about to doze off, as the climax approached, the last scene of the movie really connected with me. Now, before some of you… Continue Reading →

The Supreme Religion

There has been growing religious intolerance in India which is a matter of high concern. It’s more of an issue about self-expression but I’ll stick to the religious front for now. So, as you can tell by the title of… Continue Reading →

Humanity First

These are times when India is facing a bit more number of threats to its sovereignty than we’re probably used to. At least as far as my knowledge goes, I haven’t seen the media report Chinese and Pakistani incursions or… Continue Reading →

A Quest For Happiness

I was no different from you, when I was where you are today – in a quest for happiness. “Do people still send these?” quipped Ishita as we explored my newly received greeting card. “Apparently they do.” I answered. The… Continue Reading →

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