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The Joy of Travel

Simple pleasures, the chirping of birds, gurgling waters, bluish-green lakes. See the tea laborers picking laborers on the slopes, quietly chopping the leaves, The fresh minty aroma of the leaves, some tea leaves, some cardamom, some henna, some cloves, you can… Continue Reading →

The unconditional Love…

The unconditional love that we seek. Living a carefree life, bubbly, friendly and jovial was how Maya’s friend described her.  Right from her college days, going for interviews and then finally landing with a good job, she remained the same… Continue Reading →

The World At Your Feet!

The world at your feet! Give me space in your heart and let me reside over there. Let me see my reflection in your eyes always , Show me your care, appreciation and your fondness for me And I am… Continue Reading →

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