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Shrabanti Ray


Hi….I am chhoti A six year old Enjoying my after life On the red carpet rolled. Do you know my story The one I had on Earth? Then come, let me tell you Of my amazing birth. I was born… Continue Reading →


      “Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you” – Walt Whitman   As I pondered on each word of the above quote, I was compelled to introspect thoroughly on the same. Basically,… Continue Reading →

At The Altar

Sixty two year old Marc chanced upon a diary in tatters A few fragrant memories and some very familiar sealed letters… His room, darkened with his own dust, dirt and gloom, Filling every nook and corner, and hopelessly surrounded by… Continue Reading →

Single or ????

Have you logged in to a close friend”s Facebook account recently or stumbled upon a picture of a celebrity tired of exhibiting the latest ” pinks and purples”. Just go through it , mischievously, of course, and probe further.It would… Continue Reading →

An Angel Of Love

      An Angel Of Love   The pain continued profusely for hours, her abdomen spelled in  fancy acrobatic powers drops of anxiety on her bothered brow to test… OH! Woman, when shall thy share of agony rest?   Thoughts in… Continue Reading →

A Blink with a Wink

The LEFT blinked; The RIGHT winked The HAND said- “WELCOME HONEY”. Both laughed and raised a toast, “For nothing is as sweet as MONEY”   For a newborn arriving in the hospital, Birth by c-section could turn fatal… The cut… Continue Reading →

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from India?

 UNGRACEFULLY CORRUPT   Incredible India struck violently again on the “RICHTER Scale” of social demolition and doom.Citizens huddled up to the disturbing news of a Principal and owner of a school in the outskirts of Haryana, who allegedly assaulted a… Continue Reading →

Is Woman Empowerment, a Reality or a Hype?

Is Woman Empowerment, a Reality or a Hype? TheLittle Oxford English Dictionary’ definesEmpowerment’ as the process of giving authority, power, strength, and confidence.How far the statement corresponds to women, in reality, is controversial in all aspects. Let’s initiate and approach… Continue Reading →

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