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Dr. Sujatha Singhi

The REAL Solution to Corruption and Bribery: Building an Ethical Culture

The overall outlook for India remains positive with its economic growth expected to accelerate. Sadly bribery and corruption continue to pose a significant challenge in India, threatening said economic growth. Not only has it stunted the country’s growth but it… Continue Reading →

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from our country?

Cause, Effect, and Remedy Corruption and bribery, the two words are interlinked. Corruption is always used interchangeably with bribery. Basically, corruption is an act of bribery. Bribery however is the misuse of position or power for personal gain, which may… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence and Behaviour Management In Educational Institutes

Emotional Intelligence and Behaviour Management for educational institutions. Or Education in Human Values Practical intelligence in all the areas of life, be it financial, commercial, technical, mechanical, procedural, are abundant in our world. Yet humanity’s greatest problems have not lessened… Continue Reading →

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