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Summi Arora

What to comprehend?

Bare hands and heavy hearts Dwell sacredly in every art The filth that you have woven inside Is living like weed in an empty mind Remember what is yours is untouched and shared many times in a Biblical rhyme There… Continue Reading →

Unexplored Parts of Being YOU

Haha !! Wish I could sing loud enough that my ear drums fail to listen to anything else other than the flames of desire that burn inside. When all you could do is laugh at some situations and be happy… Continue Reading →

Why Dare to Dream

I am not walking alone I am in a crowd of many Distant yet connected with dreams plenty I rarely see if there can be any days When I just don’t dream Lying down on bare earth I see million… Continue Reading →

Women – A Celebration

How do I start to write something about women? I am taking a short pause here and thinking what if I weren’t here writing this piece and glorifying the womanhood. And what do I want to celebrate about women. Whilst… Continue Reading →

Canvas Calling

Everyone heard about this blank canvas thing right? Well, most of you would have. If not, then don’t bother much for you must be figuring it out  at times what is in there for me to build upon. There is… Continue Reading →

Walk a Bit More

Oh !! Are you crying the brave-hearted A voice just shook me from inside What is it that you are worried about Don’t ask me If I could I would pen it anyhow Let me walk a bit more I… Continue Reading →

Poetry Breathes Life into Life

Alarming it is, an unfathomed embodiment of life itself Poetic world is such a beautiful place to be in I am in love with which the words sway I happen to rest in the innocence of the words  For they… Continue Reading →

Clearly Hazy

Not all the answers I know Not all the emotions I show Not all the roads I have traveled Not all the mysteries I have unraveled The path is uncertain and hazy All that once seemed to be adventurous now… Continue Reading →

Graceful Fears

Don’t define that for me I know that pretty well What is it that is still not addressed? The man said I quivered with fear What to say next I stumbled onto thoughts that made me reflect I am hesitant… Continue Reading →

Come Meet Me Face to Face

Ahaan !! When I woke up with that great smile I imagined what my day will look like All set to take the stride And a call comes and I sit back with my phone with a pride I thought… Continue Reading →

Be the Light

Hold the darkness tightly than the light For it has shown you what light seems like Even when you don’t have anything Say that you have everything What is often most neglected Is often sought after It may put you in… Continue Reading →

Be the Same or Change

It feels I have crossed ages when I don’t write. You know every single day we live; we have something new to dream about, something new to chase, something new to create, something that keeps us alive. I encountered myself… Continue Reading →

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