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Vishal Kale

Book Review : The Ruler’s Gaze – A Study Of British Rule Over India From A Saidian Perspective

Movie Review: Aplaa Manus {Marathi}

The Great Indian Middle Class – Neither Middle Nor Class

The Great Indian Middle Class – the driver of India’s growth; the focus of business entities from across the world; the source of some of the most-qualified people both in India and in the migrant Indian Community abroad; the cynosure… Continue Reading →

Life, And Death… The Unending Circle

This is a small peice of introspective thought I wrote 2 years ago… still think about it; do let me know what you feel!   Another year… Another Month… and Another Day… Yet another tragedy strikes close to me and… Continue Reading →


In the first part of the budget analysis, I looked at Health, Education, and the Rural Economy; in this, let me move onto the remaining aspects and points raised in the budget, leaving the Fiscal and Number aspects for the… Continue Reading →

Budget analysis 2018 -Part I

This is the first part of a 3-part analysis on the Union Budget 2018-19, in which I propose to go into the basic strategy behind the budget, and look at its pluses and the minuses pointwise – in two parts;…. Continue Reading →

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