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Yadvendra Jadon

Musings on Earth Day: 22 April 2018

  Another day of hedonistic outpourings, as humankind steps out to celebrate rather than do something worthwhile about improving the environment. These are the times of accelerating climatic deterioration. Every year brings forth  hotter summers and colder winters. Every year… Continue Reading →

The Imprudence Of Super-Consumerism

    I It was the early eighties – days when my grandfather took me for long walks. Days when we talked about issues that were beyond my limited understanding of a child that I was. The beauty was that… Continue Reading →

Relevance Of History In Contemporary Times

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. History has its ways, ways that a lot of people fail to understand, especially people like me who were engineers, who have always been… Continue Reading →

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