The Call of Proletarian ___

The Call of Proletarian ___

The Call of Proletarian ___

“I am from among Have-Nots.

But I Have no Notes.

Let’s change the vocabulary of votes!

Let those who Have notes

Be called the Have-Nots

They Have-Not  “ hunger”

They Have- Not “ labour”

They Have- Not “ sweat”

They Have-Not “ Open Toilet.”

Let me be the “Have”

I Have “anomie and alienation.”

I Have “the wrath  of capitalization”

I Have “the suffering of corruption.”

I Have “the curse  of illiteracy and polarization .”

Let me be “ Have

And let them be “Have-Nots.”

  Let us change the vocabulary of votes!!.

 “My fellow proletarian!

  Learn from Animal Farm

 And raise a rebellion !!”

Against bribery and corruption!”

We Have “the power of the population.”     

Ritu Garg
Ritu Garg

Ritu Garg likes to call herself a wordsmith. She collects words like a philatelist would collect stamps or a numismatic would collect coins. Words give her power, she shares a relationship with them. Words make herthoughts tactile, tangible and transferrable.


Rajat Soni
Rajat Soni Posted on7:21 pm - Apr 2, 2018

Truly expresses the voice of the common man! Thank You RItu Ji

    Ritu Piyush Garg Posted on11:37 pm - Apr 2, 2018

    Thank youRajat ji.
    I am glad I studied Marx and George Orwell’
    And have been taught by Subas Mohapatra during my civil services preparation days in Delhi.
    Thank god it happened..!!

Tanishq Dedhia
Aparna Posted on2:58 am - Apr 3, 2018

The poem has a Dickensian feel to it.

    Ritu Piyush Garg Posted on5:40 am - Apr 3, 2018

    Really Aparna?
    This is s super prize for this poem ..
    Will treasure your words

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