The Quagmire that engulfs my country

The Quagmire that engulfs my country The Berlin-based corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) has put India at rank 76 out of 168 countries in its latest Corruption Perception Index. What does this indicate? That, despite having abundance resources, we as a country have misused them to our own debacle. Corruption has become a pervasive aspect of Indian way of life. It is a termite that has seeped into possibly everything that can touch an Indian’s

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The Joy of Solo

  Ella Maillart had once said – “You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself.” I truly believe that every soul has a purpose to accomplish in this lifetime. And it is vital to awaken to that purpose to bring meaning and fulfillment to our lives. I have found my purpose in travelling. Travel to unravel my own unknown core. My soul

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