Not to lose yourself in a relationship-III

Everyone has perspectives of their own and a way of handling their problems.Some do things quickly and get adapted to the changes,while others struggle within themselves to accept and adapt to the new situation. Netra and Samay have found a temporary solution to their problem.This temporary seems like permanent though.They have successfully started avoiding each other. They don’t go anywhere together anymore be it shopping groceries or a short dinner, a closed friend’s house party

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Not to lose yourself in a relationship-II

Samay is unwittingly staring at the shadows of distant vehicles looming in front of his face while abed and striving to get the clarity of the situation. Writhing in pain,he didn’t even realize that he has been awake all night.It’s been long past five in the morning and his thought stream broke by the chirping of birds and newspaper vans outside but the pain didn’t subside. Samay was still tossing on bed. It’s been only

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Not to lose yourself in a relationship.

It was raining heavily outside.Netra was alone in her home determined to enjoy the weather outside and sort out everything inside. Thinking of her past only brought tears in her eyes. Sitting in her balcony and sipping her favorite hot ginger tea she realised there is no point saying her feelings to her husband. Words will not have any impact anymore. There was a turmoil inside her. 2 bhk spacious flat suddenly started to have

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