Know Your Enemies

  Mental illness- know your enemies We live in very competitive world surrounded by diversified characters. Characteristics of our environment says what we are today. Our Life’s epitome is the path for our children and symbol of our generation.  As the development in every field is progressing, the quality of character is deteriorating. Human are

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Digital Addictions

  Anything new we come across it’s human tendency to get excited about them. Western countries somehow could experience digital discoveries many years ahead. Developing countries including India getting exposure and affordability to digital world in past two decades. At first every introduction will seem to have an awesome progress. As days goes by the

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Isn’t life Perches on relationships ?!!

Quiet yet many nimble feelings with in the heart and soul finiteness gives deep impact on the physical and mental well-being of any human. without any second thought it’s our relationship with the world and world’s relationship with us describes our life.. Relationships has a  detailed explanation. We can see many types of relationships within

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