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Everyone finds it easier to have an opinion nowadays, sometimes even be courageous enough to voice it, for what though? Do we actually care? Or we just want more views / likes on our social media page… The real influencers… Continue Reading →

The Quagmire that engulfs my country

The Quagmire that engulfs my country The Berlin-based corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) has put India at rank 76 out of 168 countries in its latest Corruption Perception Index. What does this indicate? That, despite having abundance resources, we as… Continue Reading →

Do you hear them??

  The day started with the bright sunlight and a romantic long drive to one of the hill stations. I always admire my beloved for taking care of my happiness and my comfort. I like it when both of us… Continue Reading →

Corruption Belief Busted!

While growing up, I was always told not to give in to corruption. As a child, I never knew what exactly corruption was. Therefore, grew up believing governments, and ALL government officials are corrupt. The belief was so strong that… Continue Reading →


CORRUPTION – BEGIN AT HOME ! Have you heard the popular Kannada slogan ” Swalpa adjust maadukolli !!” This saying which means “ kindly adjust a little ” was created with an intent  to convey ”take it light and move… Continue Reading →

CORRUPTION a necessary Evil – Does Bribe exist in Your Life ??

CORRUPTION a necessary Evil – Bribery Bribery ! Have u heard this word ringing in your mind! Does it resonate with u ?Your answer must be “No “ but most of the us are in and around this all the… Continue Reading →

Corruption in India

      It seems that with every day that passes, corruption grows like a cancer cell, draining the Indian taxpayer and public of money that rightfully belongs to them. The list of scams that have taken place in the… Continue Reading →

The REAL Solution to Corruption and Bribery: Building an Ethical Culture

The overall outlook for India remains positive with its economic growth expected to accelerate. Sadly bribery and corruption continue to pose a significant challenge in India, threatening said economic growth. Not only has it stunted the country’s growth but it… Continue Reading →

Understanding Corruption In Depth

Welcome to the never-never land where we discuss how to eradicate corruption… the digital space! Even here, “how to eradicate corruption” is a never-never land, for the Spark platform is one of the few to invite readers and contributors on… Continue Reading →


  The other day, I was seated with a group of people discussing development in India. The moment someone mentioned the word “politician”, everybody else came out with adjectives like liar, selfish, greedy, corrupt, power- hungry so on and so… Continue Reading →

How Can We Wipe Out The Corruption and Bribery from India?

With an Attitude of Gratitude to Ms. Sahana Mam for Blessing me with an opportunity to be the part of the Beautiful Family of Spark, I am pleased to share my First Article on  Sparking.Biz. This all started, when they… Continue Reading →

Corruption is Deep Rooted

My grandma once told my cousins & me as children, that charity begins at home. She had told us, kindness has to be learned & practiced with family primarily, secondly with friends, followed by the rest of the world. The… Continue Reading →

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