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Banu’s decaying limbs She bred smokes and grew crops as if a rotten corpse To keep money For her only son That will fetch him job amongst the corrupted mob She cooked dinner after sunset blasphemous To feed the venomous… Continue Reading →

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from India?

 UNGRACEFULLY CORRUPT   Incredible India struck violently again on the “RICHTER Scale” of social demolition and doom.Citizens huddled up to the disturbing news of a Principal and owner of a school in the outskirts of Haryana, who allegedly assaulted a… Continue Reading →

Corruption—Can we control it through Lateral Intervention ?

Who will be India’s‘Alexander, The Great’ to cut the Gordian Knot of corruption? Legend has it that when Alexander could not untie the knot owing to its complicated structure, he simply cut it with his sword!  A fine example of… Continue Reading →

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from India?

  In most textbooks, India is portrayed as one of the fastest growing developing countries with an ironically high poverty rate. Poverty indeed is the core problem that India faces followed by greed and irresponsibility.These three problems are inter-related and… Continue Reading →

FOCKER-Fellowship of Corruption, Kickbacks and Entrepreneurial Robbery

Wipe out corruption and bribery The internet server that supported our school admission process had crashed for the third time this week. And the queue for enrollment forms had never been this long, breaking previous record of one kilometer. Not… Continue Reading →

Can Corruption and Bribery be Eradicated from India?

Corruption is a serious malice I had read in the Civics subject text-book in class five, and I continue to believe so. So do we all. We’ve always spoken against corruption, cursed the authorities and the babus practicing it religiously… Continue Reading →

3 words of Corruption

3 words of Corruption   Corruption is a menace in every country in big or small way and getting rid of corruption is a priority for every country. Corruption has spread from the top people right to the bottom people… Continue Reading →

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