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Corruption Belief Busted!

While growing up, I was always told not to give in to corruption. As a child, I never knew what exactly corruption was. Therefore, grew up believing governments, and ALL government officials are corrupt. The belief was so strong that… Continue Reading →

Do You Have Answer Of These Questions?

With an Attitude of Gratitude to My Mentors, who guided me since my Childhood, I developed the Habit the Reading during my childhood and since then there has been no looking back. This article is the first in the series… Continue Reading →

Corruption – A Menace to the Society!

Well, before discussing the word “Corruption”, we must ask the following basic questions to ourselves- 1)  Who doesn’t want to get things done at one’s ease or without wasting one’s precious time?  2)  Who doesn’t want to get statutory and… Continue Reading →

Creating a future ready Workforce ………….

Will my CEO go back to school too? In June 2016, the CEO and founder of a start-up venture that worked on eliminating middlemen from the supply chain for agricultural produce joined the 2016/18 batch of the PGPM course at… Continue Reading →


In the first part of the budget analysis, I looked at Health, Education, and the Rural Economy; in this, let me move onto the remaining aspects and points raised in the budget, leaving the Fiscal and Number aspects for the… Continue Reading →

Canvas Calling

Everyone heard about this blank canvas thing right? Well, most of you would have. If not, then don’t bother much for you must be figuring it out  at times what is in there for me to build upon. There is… Continue Reading →

What makes a Good Trainer .. A good Person 👩‍💻

What Makes a GOOD Trainer .. A Good person !!! —–Raina Khatri Tandon Gud morning friends , I am here to share my thoughts .. the views which my mind talks on what each entrepreneur /trainer someday would hve felt… Continue Reading →

Why people start loosing interest in life

For most of us school life is full of excitement. Further we move to college with new level of excitement more learning and fun. In Next phase of life we enter professional world. Excitement is at new level first job… Continue Reading →

What are your set patterns of life?

  As said by Steve jobs you can only connect dots by looking backwards in life. When I look back into my life, yes I can connect dots and also I found a pattern in me which helped me to… Continue Reading →

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