God’s Gift

Early morning when I sat up to write, I could feel the cool breeze surrounding me. It was from a window that was left open last night. The breeze rushed through, touched me and spread evenly in the small room. There was something wonderful in the breeze. It was very fresh and nice. It had all the ingredients in the proper proportion. It must have crossed the sea, traveled across the purest environment, got screened

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Edward Hirsch writes, “We activate the poem inside us by engaging it as deeply as possible, by bringing our lives to it, our associational memories, our past histories, our vocabularies, by letting its verbal music infiltrate our bodies, its ideas seep into our minds, by discovering its pattern emerging, by entering the echo chamber which is the history of poetry, and most of all, by listening and paying attention. Attentiveness is the natural prayer of

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Lead to Light

I walked and walked alone on the shore,with swollen thoughts that reached the core,They were thoughts that gave me unsaid pain,traveled with me for years not in gain,Firstly it was the thought of corruption,unceasing, unending, mind blocking eruption,don’t know how and where it originated.I crumpled the thought beneath my feet,to crush it, kill it, mitigate it, so that I’m neat,The second I stamped was the evils of mind,None in this world should think bad of

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Capture the colors

This world is full of colors,Each with its own odor,They are also vibrant,And sometimes violent,They fight against one another,ready to destroy the other,But every color has the worth,and the power,to live together,To live in the spectrumwith all glee and joyCapture the colorsExhibit the beauty of harmony


SPARK is a simple concept that takes your imagination high.Team up with SPARK and write creatively to SPAARRK.We want to see what SPARKS are there in your mind.Express yourself boldly and engage us creatively.SPARK others with your ideas.Here are  5 prompts that may SPARK you.1. Capture the Colors2. Lead to Light3. Wings of Flight4. Heart of Depth5.Twilight twinkle

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