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The Path To Success : Doesnt Exist; You Have To Build It!

HOW TO DEFINE SUCCESS? Success…. This is something that is a very subjective topic, more so in the modern times. Each person will like as not will have a highly individual perception on this rather hot and debatable topic. There… Continue Reading →

Book Review : Nehru’s India – Essays on the Maker of a Nation

Nehru’s India : Essays on the Maker of a Nation is a collection of essays on the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, by a series of eminent personalities who have had  personal experience of the great man,… Continue Reading →

Book Review : Aurangzeb by Audrey Truschke

Rare is the book that causes a sea-change in opinion or perspective; this book – Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth, by Audrey Truschke, is one in that category. A book that quite successfully challenges, at least in my case,… Continue Reading →

Hitch hiking along the Indo-Pak border

If you love to meet people and want to know Amristar better, then get out of your cars and get onto a bullock cart of tractor. That’s pretty much the kind of hitch hiking we did when we packed our… Continue Reading →

Bullets Still Hurt at Jallianwala Bagh

It’s one to read about battles in history books; it’s another dimension to stand on the battleground long after it is over and yet feel the war. Tears prick the eyes, hair stands electrified on goosebumps as one can still… Continue Reading →

Corruption Belief Busted!

While growing up, I was always told not to give in to corruption. As a child, I never knew what exactly corruption was. Therefore, grew up believing governments, and ALL government officials are corrupt. The belief was so strong that… Continue Reading →


CORRUPTION – BEGIN AT HOME ! Have you heard the popular Kannada slogan ” Swalpa adjust maadukolli !!” This saying which means “ kindly adjust a little ” was created with an intent  to convey ”take it light and move… Continue Reading →

Bonded For Life!

Ringggg… my mobile buzzed, defying the serenity of the sparkling snow-clad peak of Apharwat, Gulmarg. I reached for my phone wondering who it is, disturbing the absolute peace at 14000 ft… A call from the airline canceling our flight back… Continue Reading →

Majesty of the Jammu – The Blest Trikuta Goddess, Maa Vaishnavi….

The first thing that catches our mind while thinking about the place Jammu is none other than the Holy Shrine Vaishnav Devi.  No doubt, this is the first and the predominant source of attraction about the region but other things… Continue Reading →

What corruption brought!

The television screams in the living room The commercial claims to dispel the gloom XYZ detergent pulls out all stains from fabric What about the stains of corruption on the social fabric? A tottering pensioner could do with such a… Continue Reading →

Changing Gender Equations in India

Sexual violence in India and its increasingly relevance to the public discourse, that is frankly a comparatively smaller problem in comparison to the major problem facing our society : that of Gender roles, and their redefinition in the changed world…. Continue Reading →

Empowerment! Is it only for women?

When I was asked to write about women empowerment, I hesitated… wasn’t sure what should I be writing about. Should I be talking about my mother, who never went to the market for grocery shopping, yet now she boldly goes… Continue Reading →

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