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Can Corruption and Bribery be Eradicated from India?

Corruption is a serious malice I had read in the Civics subject text-book in class five, and I continue to believe so. So do we all. We’ve always spoken against corruption, cursed the authorities and the babus practicing it religiously… Continue Reading →

  This promises to be among the bluntest reviews I have written; I don’t mean to state I wont do justice to it – that I will, most certainly so. But in this particular book, there is no scope, to… Continue Reading →


This is the first part of an ongoing series on Agriculture – specifically Profits from Farming. This article is the first in the series, and first appeared elsewhere 3plus years ago. This series is targeted at the average Urban Indian,… Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Ruler’s Gaze – A Study Of British Rule Over India From A Saidian Perspective

3 words of Corruption

3 words of Corruption   Corruption is a menace in every country in big or small way and getting rid of corruption is a priority for every country. Corruption has spread from the top people right to the bottom people… Continue Reading →

Hold my hand..

The sound of the heels of my new sandals was accompanying me on the dark, lonely road. I could see nothing  but two strong trees, at the end of the road, standing tall and facing each other. The wind was… Continue Reading →

Setting Right the Corrupt Mindset

“The worst disease today in the world is corruption. And there is a cure : Transparency.” Corruption is the root of all evils. I always hear that if governments in developing nations would exclusively center around taking out corruption without… Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Aplaa Manus {Marathi}


‘God is in the small details’ – would be an apt description for this movie called Padman, Laxmikant Chauhan is obsessed with making the perfect sanitary pad for his wife , sisters , women of his village in fact for… Continue Reading →

Corruption – A Menace to the Society!

Well, before discussing the word “Corruption”, we must ask the following basic questions to ourselves- 1)  Who doesn’t want to get things done at one’s ease or without wasting one’s precious time?  2)  Who doesn’t want to get statutory and… Continue Reading →

Our Conversation with Self…Part II

This is the second article in the 2 part series of Our Conversation With Self. Please click here to read the first article Our Conversation with Self: How We Talk Within 5 ways to develop positive Self-Talk 1.Be aware – We… Continue Reading →


Aparigraha Aparigraha is the art of what is needed. Truly applied it is a great freedom for the practitioner and distills all our material and psychological possessions down to what we need. By Paul Dallaghan Since I spent a lot… Continue Reading →

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