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Parent Relationship

ATF : All Terrain Father

  ATF : All Terrain Father While the 32 year old Kovid was being applauded for turning a loss making company into a more profitable and successful one, he had these thoughts running in his mind. How have I been… Continue Reading →

FATHER – A Role Almost Every Man Is Scared To PLAY Initially But REJOICE Eventually.

It was a Wonderful Sunday Morning and I along with my family was in the ISKON Temple. It was a surprise when one of my friends called me and told me to write a small write on Father’s Day. He… Continue Reading →

A Loving Tribute to My Gurukul!!!

पिता धर्मः पिता स्वर्गः पिता हि परमं तपः। पितरि प्रीतिमापन्ने प्रीयन्ते सर्वदेवताः॥ What should I write about you was my first thought when I started writing this article. Paa you cannot be described in few words as words will fall short… Continue Reading →

A Father–Daughter Tradition of Our Own: Viva el Fútbol!

My first glimpse of the sunrise after pulling an all-nighter was not at a teenage pyjama party; nor after studying for my exams all night long. It was after a late night World Cup football match being played in faraway… Continue Reading →

At The Altar We Met

A father-daughter relationship has a charm of its own. There’s a deeper sense of conviction that bonds this relationship so strong and secure. I had penned this poem at a time when I was a member of a student team… Continue Reading →

My Magician Daddy

My daddy is a magician with a big fat smile Tiny little feet difficult to shift , Magic in his voice force me to him. Loud hug and cheerful words, Ahhh!!! There is Genie inside him. Peddling and cycling Shiver… Continue Reading →


  She scream me, she yell me, Ahhh!!! her voice disrupt me. Believe in you she teaches, But she never believe me. Her secret finger touches my hair. Her whispering breath, Kisses my forehead. Love of her heart Touches my… Continue Reading →

Immortality of our relationship

Your arms I felt around me; My first connection with this world; Oh mom, your warmth I still feel; Even when into my bones bite the wintry chill   You gave me life, you gave me love You gave me… Continue Reading →

Life comes a full circle, my l’il one

You hated to walk when we went out. To be lifted up, you would coax, cajole and then shout. I refused to give in to your demand As I held on tight to your hand.   Your dad would look… Continue Reading →

Parents -The Real Gods

  A 20-year-old a boy went up to a sage of high repute and said to him, “I’m tired of this mortal world, I want freedom from the circle of life. Please help me attain enlightenment and I promise I… Continue Reading →

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