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THE SUCCESS!!! Absolutely not an instant delight

Success has no definition, it’s an individual’s perspective. It demands you to hold patience and continuous learning explicably. Therefore Success is  S urrender yourself to define your own success U se all possibilities, be an Umpire of your goal C… Continue Reading →

Success is Ours for Sure! Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!!

Success is Ours for Sure!  Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!! (In Kannada, it means this time, the trophy/cup/ success is ours for sure)   The essence of this slogan is the dream of many ! But can one be sure of… Continue Reading →

SUCCESS: An Eternal Product of Truly Fulfilling Austerity When Routed from INNER Self to BEYOND Self

SUCCESS, One of the Most Sorted Topics of the Human Race. Pick Up 100 Working People and Ask “WHO WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL?” And You will see almost everyone will raise their hand and say “I WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL”…. Continue Reading →

Success: A Journey Towards Supreme Salvation

What is Success? A very Common Question but with very Different Answers because Success varies from Individual to Individual. Success has Completely different Connotations and Meanings for Each and Everybody. When I thought about writing this article, the first question… Continue Reading →

The Path To Success : Doesnt Exist; You Have To Build It!

HOW TO DEFINE SUCCESS? Success…. This is something that is a very subjective topic, more so in the modern times. Each person will like as not will have a highly individual perception on this rather hot and debatable topic. There… Continue Reading →


SUCCESS – AN ACCIDENT OR A SURE FIRE! An article By Nitusmita Saikia We all know every human being aspire to be successful. This aspiration may germinate at the very beginning of life or at anytime of one’s inner self… Continue Reading →


What drives every action of human being is the intention of achieving success in the outcome of that action.  Hence, a question like what success means is absurd.  There is not one single definition of success that could hold good for… Continue Reading →

Never Knew Why

I never knew what art is I may not know why I never felt what pain is When once I gave up on life It never seemed easy Until I failed a million times I didn’t know what smile is… Continue Reading →


Hi….I am chhoti A six year old Enjoying my after life On the red carpet rolled. Do you know my story The one I had on Earth? Then come, let me tell you Of my amazing birth. I was born… Continue Reading →


      “Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you” – Walt Whitman   As I pondered on each word of the above quote, I was compelled to introspect thoroughly on the same. Basically,… Continue Reading →

SUCCESS : One Word Which Owns Whole World

️️️️️️️️️️मंज़िले कभी दूर नही होती अगर हौसला बुलंद हो ।  रास्ता अपने आप बनता है अगर इरादे मजबूत हो ।। माना कि सफलता बहुत बलिदान के बाद मिलती है ।  पर निष्फलता भी तो कहाँ मुफ्त में मिलती है ।।… Continue Reading →

Transcendental Success

  What does success mean?   Earning more money? Getting a promotion? Getting more fame? Scoring better marks?   Well, this all is materialistic success that will stay with us today but might vanish tomorrow. For me what matters is… Continue Reading →

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