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Isn’t life Perches on relationships ?!!

Quiet yet many nimble feelings with in the heart and soul finiteness gives deep impact on the physical and mental well-being of any human. without any second thought it’s our relationship with the world and world’s relationship with us describes… Continue Reading →


GO TO  GOA—–GO TO GOD Lollapalooza !! The rustic there exhaled the scent of mystic. The moment my feet touched that terra firma , the profundity of the lines “ You may write me down in history with your bitter… Continue Reading →

I uploaded a “Facebook Status” when I got back from Pangong Lake. It read “I was reminded the meaning of A Vast Expanse today “… And that’s when it struck me. How do they survive the winter? “ Julley” they… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Nature of Relationships

  If you’re a believer in re-birth or karma, and believe things happen for a reason, you wouldn’t be surprised that the most important relationships you have around you – spouse, parents, kids, friends, relatives, and enemies too, may not… Continue Reading →

Our world of PAIN & PLEASURE

  In NLP we often use two words ‘Pain’ and ‘Pleasure’. All our actions are governed by them e.g. pleasure for eating junk food and pain for exercising. Pleasure for watching TV and pain for reading a book. Pleasure in chatting… Continue Reading →


  With a lusty wail, you came into this world That moment onwards, you became my world Your endearing smile, slightly tilted head Those impishly twinkling eyes left everything unsaid You fought circumstances, even in your innocence Your little brain… Continue Reading →

Happiness is like a butterfly……..

      Happiness is like a butterfly…….. It flies away from you when you run after it………… It sits on your shoulder when you stop seeking it……..   Happiness for her was to know she belonged to him.  Happiness… Continue Reading →

The Timeless weave of soulmates

The fabric of space and time is enthralling for those who care enough to stop by. A pair of soulmates enmeshed in the fabric of time and space definitely would. It might occur to them that if time is one… Continue Reading →

Reign of enriched escapades through travel

The world has so many wonderful things and places to admire about.. one of the most common and important manner of admiring is by traveling to many places with in the affordable limits..  Our place where we are born, where… Continue Reading →

Minor Life in a Major Country

    Minor Life in a Major Country: It’s a tale of past January where my niece of nine was rehearsing a song for heading Republic Day Celebrations at her school. I have witnessed someone of household mentoring her vocal… Continue Reading →

Letting Go-The Mind Makes Its Choice

Letting go – It’s not been too hard for me. Over the years I’ve learnt to let go of a lot of things – relationships that were not meant to be, people with whom I did not share a chemistry,… Continue Reading →

Fear:Face It To Fade It

I’ve written a lot about letting go, leaving the past behind and moving on in the journey of life. At times, this seems easy. Then there are times when an incident stirs up an old memory… a memory that elicits… Continue Reading →

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