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Spiritual Ego When we make some remarkable progress in our spiritual pursuit , there comes a certain feeling of excitement, and along with it a bit of superiority for having done what the masses have not. Instead of feeling humbled… Continue Reading →

Setting Right the Corrupt Mindset

“The worst disease today in the world is corruption. And there is a cure : Transparency.” Corruption is the root of all evils. I always hear that if governments in developing nations would exclusively center around taking out corruption without… Continue Reading →

Solitude or Isolation – An opportunity to explore your existence!

“Solitude” as the term signifies itself is the state or situation of being alone.  Isolation in other words means living without family or friends.  In both the cases, a person is ought to live a loneliness life. However, the only difference… Continue Reading →

My thoughts!

An urge to hide hurts, In the silence of monument valley! Secret openings had been bricked up within, That’s the ancient pride ever in race. Dissected by the pebbles, the flow gets torn here and there, A puddle of disappointment!… Continue Reading →

Life, And Death… The Unending Circle

This is a small peice of introspective thought I wrote 2 years ago… still think about it; do let me know what you feel!   Another year… Another Month… and Another Day… Yet another tragedy strikes close to me and… Continue Reading →

The Power of Positivity…

It is a human tendency to blame other’s for one’s own sufferings.  But If our sufferings are caused by someone else then same should be applicable for our pleasure. But we human beings are very smart, we want to enjoy… Continue Reading →

Life moves around ‘symbol’

  Life moves around ‘symbol’ Symbols are the most important discoveries in progressive human civilizations. Life moves around tangible and intangible symbols. The whole world of religion is intangible; we can’t see, can’t touch supreme God but imagine them, get inspiration…. Continue Reading →

Chaya 4

Life is a reflection of your thought and action. Thoughts have immense power to sublime your action. Once carefully chosen, it can assist you to get your dream. If not been wise enough, You would not consider worthy enough to… Continue Reading →

The Empty and meaningless Life

Do you ever wonder how life got so complicated? Do you ever wish for simplicity in life, just like it was when we were kids? By the way kids today have a pretty complicated life themselves so, just think it… Continue Reading →

An evening to Remember!

              “Neev! Will you come home early today?” She asked , her beautiful kohld eyes gleamed with affection. “What’s today? Anything special?” He said, not noticing any of it. ‘Why do they always need… Continue Reading →

The Supreme Religion

There has been growing religious intolerance in India which is a matter of high concern. It’s more of an issue about self-expression but I’ll stick to the religious front for now. So, as you can tell by the title of… Continue Reading →

How to get a nett positive balance in your relationship’s saving account?

Weird? Is it? What do I mean? Whenever we mention the word relationship, it triggers a positive vibe in the brain. The very genesis of the word is “relation” is optimistic and therefore at the drop of this word, we… Continue Reading →

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