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Monochrome !

Never let me emerge, out of the dark, Illusive silvery light now I , Emit lusterless thoughts nothingness! The homely filth! And there my breath pukes​ nectar of undone past , A monochrome of entrapped future, Under the veil of… Continue Reading →


  She scream me, she yell me, Ahhh!!! her voice disrupt me. Believe in you she teaches, But she never believe me. Her secret finger touches my hair. Her whispering breath, Kisses my forehead. Love of her heart Touches my… Continue Reading →

Nadir of Despair

She left the door ajar; No faineance this, or a lapse by her. Thoughts in her mind, very clear; she just had nothing to fear Nothing of value was left, for her to worry of theft. The classes had worn… Continue Reading →


  With a lusty wail, you came into this world That moment onwards, you became my world Your endearing smile, slightly tilted head Those impishly twinkling eyes left everything unsaid You fought circumstances, even in your innocence Your little brain… Continue Reading →

Happiness is like a butterfly……..

      Happiness is like a butterfly…….. It flies away from you when you run after it………… It sits on your shoulder when you stop seeking it……..   Happiness for her was to know she belonged to him.  Happiness… Continue Reading →


The moon scorches too With its incandescence; Moonshine burns you too With its silvery essence… When the tides turn after twilight And the old moon surfaces above, When lakes and streams and oceans alike To her invisible force are all… Continue Reading →

Voiceless Love….

Wanted you to hug me when I was emotional and nervous You raised your voice and made me jittery Wanted you to care for me when I was ill You chose to neglect and made me feel worse Wanted you… Continue Reading →

Dooriyaan ya nazdeekiyan?

Mere zindagi mein tumhaara aana Aake usey noorani banana mehz ittefaq nahi Taqdeer ka yeh kaisa mazaak thha Hamaare jazbaat reh gayi ankahee Tumhe na paakar bhi, main ne tumhe apne kareeb paaya Jaise tum jism ho aur mein tumhaari… Continue Reading →

THE AWAKENING!! Miles to go !! Wear Smiles on the go!! Miles will not seem long with smiles on the go! Life is full of tests like in a game Play it well and get the trophies u name! Smile… Continue Reading →

What corruption brought!

The television screams in the living room The commercial claims to dispel the gloom XYZ detergent pulls out all stains from fabric What about the stains of corruption on the social fabric? A tottering pensioner could do with such a… Continue Reading →


    Oonchai ka dar thha usey, Aur udne ki chah bhi! Na pankh the koi, na udaan bhar ki hawa thi, Par sunti kahan thi, wo rukti kahan thi! Jaisi sochi bhi na ho kisine Duniya aise uska jahan… Continue Reading →


based on the story written by Washington Irving     She danced in a golden chamber Glittering, warm and fine Down her ears dangled emeralds On her dress embedded nine    She’d always been vibrant Filled with love and life… Continue Reading →

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