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TLC (Tender Love Care)

A Father–Daughter Tradition of Our Own: Viva el Fútbol!

My first glimpse of the sunrise after pulling an all-nighter was not at a teenage pyjama party; nor after studying for my exams all night long. It was after a late night World Cup football match being played in faraway… Continue Reading →

#FathersDay each day. A note to all fathers!

What memories I have of my growing up years, my father was not less fearsome than my school principal. I couldn’t cite any similarities between them but I kept wondering what was it that made us strictly adhere to both… Continue Reading →

Immortality of our relationship

Your arms I felt around me; My first connection with this world; Oh mom, your warmth I still feel; Even when into my bones bite the wintry chill   You gave me life, you gave me love You gave me… Continue Reading →

Musings from life

Today I decided to stop for a moment and reflect upon life. Being lost in the daily battle of life, we are breathing every moment but running away from life. We are alive but not living life. so when I reflected… Continue Reading →

Parents -The Real Gods

  A 20-year-old a boy went up to a sage of high repute and said to him, “I’m tired of this mortal world, I want freedom from the circle of life. Please help me attain enlightenment and I promise I… Continue Reading →


    Women empowerment is the theory of political, economic and social equality amongst both the sexes. Since times immemorial, women have never been credited to what they were. Being myself a historical fiction author, I have felt women have… Continue Reading →

Say what you need to say…

Say what you need to say… Gayatri looked through the glass pane, she saw Vikram playing with Dia, and both were deeply engrossed in solving the intricacies of a puzzle. Dia, her daughter, was that ray of sunshine that bounced… Continue Reading →

Hold my hand..

The sound of the heels of my new sandals was accompanying me on the dark, lonely road. I could see nothing  but two strong trees, at the end of the road, standing tall and facing each other. The wind was… Continue Reading →

A Fire Burning In My Soul

There is fire burning in my Soul I do not need to be consoled I feel sometimes I am an ass hole There is fire burning in my soul  Feels like, life is a misery as a whole,  traumatic and… Continue Reading →

The World At Your Feet!

The world at your feet! Give me space in your heart and let me reside over there. Let me see my reflection in your eyes always , Show me your care, appreciation and your fondness for me And I am… Continue Reading →

A Bond that Does’nt Age

As the car swerved uphill and stopped with a jerk, I got out nervous, yet hopeful.I was going to meet my literary mentor, whom, to put it euphemistically, I adored, Ekalavya-like.I was early by 30 minutes, but Bina, daughter-in-law of… Continue Reading →

Chaya 4

Life is a reflection of your thought and action. Thoughts have immense power to sublime your action. Once carefully chosen, it can assist you to get your dream. If not been wise enough, You would not consider worthy enough to… Continue Reading →

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