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Chaya …an incredible journey Part #3

Eyes Behind the Hijab

Bhats are the priest class among the ‘Gauda Saraswat Brahmin’ in Mangalore District in Karnataka. When the second child also turned out to be a girl, Ravindra Bhat has decided to let her follow the dream once her mother had…. Continue Reading →

An evening to Remember!

              “Neev! Will you come home early today?” She asked , her beautiful kohld eyes gleamed with affection. “What’s today? Anything special?” He said, not noticing any of it. ‘Why do they always need… Continue Reading →

Chaya- Our Companion for a Lifetime

  Chaya; Incredible journey to recover from physical and mental losses and shine like stars. Chaya means shadow Like me, my shadow is also unique.Where ever I go, my shadow follows me. There is not a single moment where he… Continue Reading →

I thank God !!

  This New Year again I thank God!   Because….   The moment I was born, I had Cried! Now I know otherwise,   I would have Died !!   The burden of Ambition, Competition & Comparison, which I had always… Continue Reading →

MENTAL FITNESS – Let wonders happen in your Life

MENTAL FITNESS – Let wonders happen in your Life   Have you ever questioned yourself why am I Sad and the other happy? If we delve deep inside the answer lies within us. The happiness quotient lies beneath our emotional… Continue Reading →

It’s ok not to be okk

It’s ok not to be ok Come mid-week of December, social media was rife with rife with the reports of a 17-year-old missing boy. He came from an educated, upper-middle-class background, living in an upscale neighborhood. Having children in the… Continue Reading →

 Keeping it together

When the blues hit, And the smiles are almost true. The tiniest crack appears,  revealing the storm within.  But I still sail through… The dawn is drawing close, The dusk threatens to be gnawing… The night holds the demon Can… Continue Reading →

My Kiddie My Buddy

Written by: Deepthi Musley One of the most beautiful relationships the universe bestows upon a woman is her Baby. My career aspirations inspired me for the last time in my dreams on the night of 15th Jan 2009. The next… Continue Reading →

Fighting Forgiving

My wife and I fought a lot post a few months in our marriage. We’d have a high decibel match almost every day about something. Argumentatively I’d switch off my emotions. She’d wait for me to do something not to… Continue Reading →

Where were you?

A distressing narrative of missing someone when they cease to exist. An expression of compassion to let that special one know how the world was in their absence. The endless waiting of unknown, The eagerness of arrival, The hope of… Continue Reading →


A Relationship with Oneself Relationships are like a book. It takes a few seconds to burn but it takes years to write. So write it with tender , love, and care and never let it burn. –  Love is the… Continue Reading →

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