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My Soul pulled for a re-visit

Hitch hiking along the Indo-Pak border

If you love to meet people and want to know Amristar better, then get out of your cars and get onto a bullock cart of tractor. That’s pretty much the kind of hitch hiking we did when we packed our… Continue Reading →


Text by Saon Bhattacharya | Photographs by Dwaipayan Bhattacharya Picture a fawn-shaded, summer landscape from Central India. Now imagine a sharply contrasting mahua tree, with its crimson leaf clusters, mothering a myriad group of wildlife. As a regal black shouldered… Continue Reading →

Bullets Still Hurt at Jallianwala Bagh

It’s one to read about battles in history books; it’s another dimension to stand on the battleground long after it is over and yet feel the war. Tears prick the eyes, hair stands electrified on goosebumps as one can still… Continue Reading →

Anxiety to Exciting Trip – A Personal Experience

Can you see this old man and imagine how he feels? He is full of fear and anxiety with the thought of flying in the air. Reasons: Could be scared of death Doesn’t Fly Often (Anxiety) Has to pay for… Continue Reading →

The Joy of Solo

  Ella Maillart had once said – “You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself.” I truly believe that every soul has a purpose to accomplish in… Continue Reading →

Dance like a Dervish…

  “When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music. Jalalad-DīnMohammadRumi   dance with fervor  dance like a dervish,    enjoy the mystique  unravel the mystery,   seek the moor,  anchor your ship,   feel the… Continue Reading →

Bonded For Life!

Ringggg… my mobile buzzed, defying the serenity of the sparkling snow-clad peak of Apharwat, Gulmarg. I reached for my phone wondering who it is, disturbing the absolute peace at 14000 ft… A call from the airline canceling our flight back… Continue Reading →

Majesty of the Jammu – The Blest Trikuta Goddess, Maa Vaishnavi….

The first thing that catches our mind while thinking about the place Jammu is none other than the Holy Shrine Vaishnav Devi.  No doubt, this is the first and the predominant source of attraction about the region but other things… Continue Reading →


The reflection of word ‘travel’ perks up my spirit, And when it’s known for History; It can’t be abdicated. Though we always plan an excursion amongst mountains, beaches or landmarks. But personally feeling, all of us must have and should… Continue Reading →

The Joy of Travel

Simple pleasures, the chirping of birds, gurgling waters, bluish-green lakes. See the tea laborers picking laborers on the slopes, quietly chopping the leaves, The fresh minty aroma of the leaves, some tea leaves, some cardamom, some henna, some cloves, you can… Continue Reading →

Me and my Travellator

  Our journey begins the day we are born. My journey also began in the same way. I was born, I grew up… 1 yr old.. 2 yrs old… Life went on. When I was of 2 years I was… Continue Reading →

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