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Travel – The Best Therapy For Self Growth

  Travel can be the best therapy to discover your true self-provided it begins with the prime intention of learning and discovering the unknown territory. During the travel, exploring and learning about the external world become major activities of life…. Continue Reading →

Discovery of Northeast India

Why did we plan a trip to the Northeast? As in the case of any good job, there are many reasons. My friends will, however, be quick to pick up the most important reason of all – my DW [Darling… Continue Reading →

Indian Election Slogans – Galli Galli Mein Shor Hain

  Galli Galli Mein shor hai……. The noise from a Morcha( protest rally)  on the small and quiet lane next to my house in Thane woke me up.  Yes, there are still some places in a city like Thane which… Continue Reading →

How to get a nett positive balance in your relationship’s saving account?

Weird? Is it? What do I mean? Whenever we mention the word relationship, it triggers a positive vibe in the brain. The very genesis of the word is “relation” is optimistic and therefore at the drop of this word, we… Continue Reading →

Shirdi- The mystical soil

Deepthi Musley FB Page Deepthi Musley- Blog A human being with a drained intrinsic worth is as useless as the gadget with a drained battery inside it. Travel is related to new beginnings, new learning, a transformation, and memories that… Continue Reading →

Protecting Public Property is Every Citizen’s Responsibility

Deepthi Musley Blog page Deepthi Musley FB page A Barbaric action, lack of thoughtfulness, no sense of belonging, has nothing to do with “illiteracy. In every sense, a good citizen of any nation is the representative of his or her… Continue Reading →

Gangtok: The Hill-Cut Capital of Organic Sikkim

When people ask me, during my travels which place appealed to me the most, Sikkim automatically pops up in my head. My journey in Sikkim started with the city of Gangtok. I traveled to Gangtok from Darjeeling hiring a 10… Continue Reading →


If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet, He Said. –  Rachel Wolchin I like to describe myself as a traveller who lives by the maxim “Carpe Diem”. I fervently believe in the… Continue Reading →

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