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Nadir of Despair

She left the door ajar; No faineance this, or a lapse by her. Thoughts in her mind, very clear; she just had nothing to fear Nothing of value was left, for her to worry of theft. The classes had worn… Continue Reading →


    Oonchai ka dar thha usey, Aur udne ki chah bhi! Na pankh the koi, na udaan bhar ki hawa thi, Par sunti kahan thi, wo rukti kahan thi! Jaisi sochi bhi na ho kisine Duniya aise uska jahan… Continue Reading →

Woman- A Source of Strength (Shakti)

The woman in ancient India was an epitome of strength and was worshiped as the Goddess. The trend of worshiping the Goddess is still there but in modern India,  the scenario seems to have entirely changed to a different one,… Continue Reading →

Little girls with dreams become women with vision

“Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” In the early twentieth and the late nineteenth century, women in Victorian England had no choice but work to support their families. With the upcoming of Hitler’s Nazism, women, were assumed to… Continue Reading →

I Want To Be Phoolan Devi

“I want to be Phoolan Devi” chirped little Maya and her teacher was flabbergasted. Appearing calm, she asked, “Why and Maya do you know who is Phoolan Devi?” “Yes Madam,” said Maya hesitantly, “She is a woman who scared away… Continue Reading →

“Women Empowerment”, Who’s Responsibility?

Is the modern woman really empowered?

Is woman empowerment, a reality or hype? Woman empowerment!   This is a critical issue that has been recently highlighted over the old patriarchal setup.  The old setup is, in turn getting the world to think about the woman and empowering… Continue Reading →


    Women empowerment is the theory of political, economic and social equality amongst both the sexes. Since times immemorial, women have never been credited to what they were. Being myself a historical fiction author, I have felt women have… Continue Reading →

Women Empowerment – “A Dream or a Reality”

Gone are the days when women were considered a burden to their families.  The new generation women across the world have overcome all the negative notions and have proved themselves beyond doubt in all the spheres of life. They are… Continue Reading →

Empowerment! Is it only for women?

When I was asked to write about women empowerment, I hesitated… wasn’t sure what should I be writing about. Should I be talking about my mother, who never went to the market for grocery shopping, yet now she boldly goes… Continue Reading →

Is Woman Empowerment, a Reality or a Hype?

Is Woman Empowerment, a Reality or a Hype? TheLittle Oxford English Dictionary’ definesEmpowerment’ as the process of giving authority, power, strength, and confidence.How far the statement corresponds to women, in reality, is controversial in all aspects. Let’s initiate and approach… Continue Reading →


based on the story written by Washington Irving     She danced in a golden chamber Glittering, warm and fine Down her ears dangled emeralds On her dress embedded nine    She’d always been vibrant Filled with love and life… Continue Reading →

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