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How do U Define Relationship-Success, What does it mean to U??

How do u define RELATIONSHIP -SUCCESS –what does it mean to you?? What is success? It’s a question we often think about when it comes to our profession. But we rarely ask it about our relationships. Knowing the answer could… Continue Reading →

Metamorphosis to Spirituality!

When you are born in a religious Bengali Brahmin family, you grow up believing in religion wholeheartedly. My parents are religious. My mother offers Puja to the god every single day. My father chants Gayatri Mantra daily after bath. They… Continue Reading →

Not to lose yourself in a relationship- The End!

Begin with The End in Mind

Me within me..

  The day arrived when Neeta had promised to visit me at my place. I was eagerly waiting for her. It was almost six years since I last met her. I was excited to see her and talk with her… Continue Reading →

Not to lose yourself in a relationship.

It was raining heavily outside.Netra was alone in her home determined to enjoy the weather outside and sort out everything inside. Thinking of her past only brought tears in her eyes. Sitting in her balcony and sipping her favorite hot… Continue Reading →

I want to cry!!

  A brief about me – I stay with my family, everyone loves me a lot. My mother is just like my friend and my father is proud of me. I am an independent woman. I have found a love of… Continue Reading →

Chitra Ramakrishna-a woman with conviction and principles

Smt. Chitra Ramakrishna who became MD and CEO of  National stock exchange in April 2013 lead with  convictions and principles till she resigned on 02 December 2016.  She has helped build NSE from scratch. Her lifetime triumphs and failures give… Continue Reading →

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