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Social Media – Connecting People…..

If we just close our eyes and think, how often we used to go to our relatives and friends place just 10-20 years back.  It used to be jollity and mockery all around, when the gang of our cousins and… Continue Reading →

Travel – The Best Therapy For Self Growth

  Travel can be the best therapy to discover your true self-provided it begins with the prime intention of learning and discovering the unknown territory. During the travel, exploring and learning about the external world become major activities of life…. Continue Reading →

3 words of Corruption

3 words of Corruption   Corruption is a menace in every country in big or small way and getting rid of corruption is a priority for every country. Corruption has spread from the top people right to the bottom people… Continue Reading →

Setting Right the Corrupt Mindset

“The worst disease today in the world is corruption. And there is a cure : Transparency.” Corruption is the root of all evils. I always hear that if governments in developing nations would exclusively center around taking out corruption without… Continue Reading →

Secret of living a happy life!!!

We all love to be credited for our work. It gives us a high. But along with it comes a great responsibility to reach the hearts of every human who needs US. We are in an era where human mind… Continue Reading →

The Power of Positivity…

It is a human tendency to blame other’s for one’s own sufferings.  But If our sufferings are caused by someone else then same should be applicable for our pleasure. But we human beings are very smart, we want to enjoy… Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of science

If you’ve ever felt that the reason for your existence is much more than just the chemistry and biology governing natural organisms, you have at some point pondered about the purpose of life (most probably in the shower). And this… Continue Reading →


In the first part of the budget analysis, I looked at Health, Education, and the Rural Economy; in this, let me move onto the remaining aspects and points raised in the budget, leaving the Fiscal and Number aspects for the… Continue Reading →

Budget analysis 2018 -Part I

This is the first part of a 3-part analysis on the Union Budget 2018-19, in which I propose to go into the basic strategy behind the budget, and look at its pluses and the minuses pointwise – in two parts;…. Continue Reading →

Indian Election Slogans – Galli Galli Mein Shor Hain

  Galli Galli Mein shor hai……. The noise from a Morcha( protest rally)  on the small and quiet lane next to my house in Thane woke me up.  Yes, there are still some places in a city like Thane which… Continue Reading →

Getting Back To Childlike Optimism!

Being a mother of two, one two-legged human offspring and another four-legged adopted offspring, I am privileged enough to see hopefulness and optimism all around in abundance. We all know children are amazingly optimistic people; they are firm believers that… Continue Reading →

Eyes Behind the Hijab

Bhats are the priest class among the ‘Gauda Saraswat Brahmin’ in Mangalore District in Karnataka. When the second child also turned out to be a girl, Ravindra Bhat has decided to let her follow the dream once her mother had…. Continue Reading →

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