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Phoenix on the Tiger’s Rock

If you ask me, if the  Phoenix are real, my answer will be YES and that too a BIG YES!!. I know that not only they are real, but I also know that there any many Phoenix as opposed to… Continue Reading →

The Empty and meaningless Life

Do you ever wonder how life got so complicated? Do you ever wish for simplicity in life, just like it was when we were kids? By the way kids today have a pretty complicated life themselves so, just think it… Continue Reading →

The Supreme Religion

There has been growing religious intolerance in India which is a matter of high concern. It’s more of an issue about self-expression but I’ll stick to the religious front for now. So, as you can tell by the title of… Continue Reading →

Shivaay- The Immortal One

He is Shivaay, eternal force of existence….. He has the divinity of both the world’s emotion, One bursting with poison, another one with potion.Eminent one from the holy trinity, He is the destroyer himself but genesis of creator’s affinity.… Illuminating… Continue Reading →

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