Destiny,” is a poem by Nandashree that chronicles the life of Sita, an illustrious character of the Indian epic “Ramayana,” known to be written by Sage Valmiki. Sita is known for her unwavering devotion to her husband Rama. That is what makes her life and story so tragic. Although the plot of the original epic is driven by her abduction, she is hardly given any importance and is cast away as soon as the purpose of her existence is accomplished. This poem details the feelings of Sita as she goes through joys as well as various trials and tribulations and for once makes “Ramayana” all about Sita and her destiny.


Bringing the stars of heaven down unto her eyes
She waited for her Lord with bated breath
His appraisal of the task, the slight curve of his brows
Every second until her destiny seemed like death

The young prince wasn’t without pain she saw
It was as evident as a lotus in a wilted pond
The clenching of his jaw, the tightening of his muscles
Yet in all his pain, he gazed at her, fond

One mighty force, and the bow was lifted at last
The court held its breath, just as the birds and the trees
The groans of the string refusing to budge
Cried against the maiden’s silent pleas

“It is him I wish to have, O Lord of the heavens
Him and only him alone
If I have ever done any deed well regarded by you,
Place me then, O Lord, beside him on his throne”

The young princess’ pleas were well received
For soon she bathed in his glory and triumph
Her days seemed a dream, her life a miracle
As his heart and embrace became her asylum

But all wouldn’t be well and joy wouldn’t last
And she saw her beloved prince exiled from his own
As a wife and a refugee of his smile and his soul
She followed him into the forest, away from his throne

A dozen years spent in hardship alone together
Was but an embrace in a blanket of cloud
But clouds did what they’ve always done
Their separation and suffering they did shroud

Grabbed against her will by the embodiment of darkness
She was left to fight a silent fight
Of refusal to give in to hopelessness
And trust in her husband and his love’s might

Days passed, her tears silent, her ache hidden
As she spoke only to a blade of grass
Her faith was still strong and her tongue fiery
But her body and heart were jaded glass

Respite came in the form of a monkey
Harbinger of comfort and of cheer
“He is coming for me,” she repeated his words
And gone were all her fears

A bloody war it took to get to her
Death, misery, grief and loss
But the moment the evil was vanquished
Chance took a different turn, a pause

She was called to her awaiting Lord
In front of a gathering fearsome and large
Then he stung her with words as fierce as thorns
As he blamed the rose with a disgraceful charge

“You have lived at the house of another, my love
How can I, a noble man of Ikshvaku clan
Reclaim you and smear its name and pride?”
Hurt, she realized her Lord was a man

If validation was what was needed
For her suffering to end and joy to resume
She was glad to do so or perish in the thought
That being alive and alone would be her doom

And so, she entered the fires of trial
That tested her purity, love and desire
And when the flames couldn’t burn her flaming soul
By the world and her lord she was admired

But all that’s required to raze a life
Is a running mouth and a seed of doubt
And even after validation of her chaste endurance
He saw the need to toss her out

Still she bore, her courage shining
Crying for one, surviving for three
Hoping that the fate of her dearest children
And hers would never ever agree

One day under request of a venerable sage
He presented her a chance and called for her again
The scene was a mirror of her pathetic past
And she could already imagine the following pain

“You, my dearest have repudiated me
Protected your honour at the cost of mine
And still I never strayed from my love
Hoping the truth will unveil in time”

“I blessed your soul and shielded your actions
Praised your name and your ideal virtue
But, if this body of mine was forged only to suffer
How long must I remain to it, true?”

“You want validation from me again, my lord
Despite knowing the truth of my love, my innocence
I will as I’ve done before, give you my all
But be prepared for the rest of your life to be a penance”

Then she closed her eyes and prayed aloud
Seeking immortal comfort from the earth that birthed her
“If I’ve lived a faultless life, mother
Then let your frozen heart be awoken and stirred”

“Take me into your arms and let me unite
With the abundance of joy, comfort and care
Let me receive what I’ve been denied here
A loving embrace, a queen’s share”

The earth churned and broke into a deep chasm
Swallowing the maiden into the unknown
As the cries of her lord echoed beneath
She finally assumed her eternal throne


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Nandini Rao Posted on11:09 am - Sep 14, 2019

Beautiful poem! The ethos so well conveyed!

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