Kindness with toughness – most successful combination

Kindness with toughness – most successful combination

Kindness with toughness – most successful combination

Do Lives of Good Guys Need to End Like This?

I am from that school of thought which believes that a Story is not complete unless it has a Happy Ending.

The Adversaries, the Conflicts and Negativities are just Commas, not a Full Stop.

Was the step taken at the end by the Chairman of a 140-year-old estate and a chain of coffee outlets the right way for his story to end?

I heard about him for the first time yesterday, i.e. 30 July 2019, when I read the news that he is missing since the previous evening.

Sometime later a post came which mentioned that he had written a letter to his company about harassment from one of the shareholders and an Income Tax officer.

Later in the evening, a public notice written by the Income Tax officer about his dealings and liabilities came out in the social media.

The next day morning, i.e. on 31 July 2019, came the sad news of his demise.

For the entire day, his success stories have been circulating.

After reading nearly everything about him, I think that the foremost thing that has come out about him is that he was the Kindest Man around.

A man born in a family who has been in Coffee plantation for about 140 years and who himself pioneered how ‘A lot can happen over Coffee’, giving space to an entire generation for loads of good things and good times to happen.

He was an entrepreneur, who created employment for about 50,000 people and created a billion turnover company, which had its presence in few countries and most cities of India.

Then what went wrong?

Was he really under financial stress?

From what I read, he sold his stakes in Mindtree for Rs 3200 crores and had cleared debts and also paid the interest partially.

His assets were many than his apparent liabilities.

Then why did he do what he did?

Possibly, this was the first time in his life that he faced an adverse situation financially, and he didn’t know how to handle it.

He must have been always the kindest, the most decent guy, a good guy since his childhood who was concerned about the welfare of everyone around.

And possibly for the first time in his life, he had faced an adverse situation like this.

This whole scenario teaches us a lesson.

When we raise our kids, they should be made to face some adverse situations and be given some difficulties from time to time. This will make them tough and prepare them for future situations.

Kindness with some Toughness can be the most Successful Combination!!!

Sudhir Jain

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