If someone said to you, that you could dramatically improve the state of the world (End wars, terrorism, global poverty, political corruption, excessive greed, fix the environmental problems,…) by doing one of the simplest of things, would you do it? It wouldn’t cost you anything. You’d have absolutely nothing to lose by trying. And it would simply require you to support an idea. What idea could possibly make that much difference?


Unity – One People, One World

Is humanity unified today? Do we work together towards our common good? Have the ‘National Governments’ of each country ever come together and declared in one voice and heart, ‘It’s time that we stopped fighting amongst ourselves and started to truly work together, for the good of all people throughout the world’. No. No. And No again.

What happens when we unite towards our common good? How would the world change?

Competitive Self-Interest is destructive

Today – the countries of the world are not united at all. They don’t work together. In fact, they do the EXACT OPPOSITE. Consider this question very carefully – ‘In a world where the self-centred interests of each ‘National Government’ ALWAYS comes first, and with an economic system that pits ALL Countries and National Government’s AGAINST each other, is any real peace, unity or true cooperation actually even possible?’

“What happens when we unite towards our common good? How would the world change?”

Just like before, the answer is NO. And competitive economic greed and selfishness is also very, very destructive! Want proof?

Take a look at the last 100 years.

Over the last century, due to war – mothers have lost sons, daughters have lost fathers. Entire families have been murdered. There have been Two World Wars and over 100 conflicts and genocides. Tens of Millions have been killed! People are still starving in parts of the world today. Poverty is still killing children every day. There are still homeless people begging on the streets. Access to clean water and sanitation is still a problem for thousands. The rich continue to get richer, while the poor get poorer. And now the world’s Environment is also in decline. Politicians and political party’s – after decades of failures – still promise with every election, to make a difference. Do you believe them? Can they ever make a difference when they are economically and strategically fighting AGAINST each other, to look after their own NATIONAL interests?

So you may well be asking at this point, ‘If they can’t fix the problems, how can I possibly make a difference’?

Your support makes a difference!

So now back to the original question. What idea could possibly change all this? Actually, it’s not one idea – but two. Together, they form the complete solution.


First of all – UNITY is absolutely essential – even if most Politicians are incapable of trusting each other. If humanity is to ever resolve the major problems in the world today, countries and their respective governments must start ‘working together towards their collective good’. This kind of cohesive psychological global unity and cooperation must exist for any real change to become possible.

Currently, National Governments are all psychologically pulling in different directions, according to their own self-centred interests. They need to all be heading in the same direction – aligned towards their common good.

Second – there must be wise leadership. I’m sorry, but selecting people to run entire countries based solely on nothing more than a ‘popularity contest’ – is just asking for trouble! And that is exactly what happens. Politics has become a dirty word in many people’s minds due to the corruption, rigged elections, and other distasteful elements surrounding it. It needs ‘Independent Assessment Standards’ like any other important job role in society. You don’t allow a pilot to fly a plane based on ‘popularity’. He has to be ‘qualified’ – based on independent assessment tests. Or allow a surgeon to operate without the proper skills. Or a teacher to teach. Each is independently assessed to ensure that they have the right skills for the role – and surely ‘wisdom’ is one of the most important for a political leader in charge of an entire country.

How many wise politicians do you know?

One People, One World

These two simple ideas by themselves, are all that is required to significantly improve the state of the world.

Unity + Wise Leadership = An end to the majority of the World’s problems.

So here’s how you can make a difference. Support these ideas. Talk to others about supporting these ideas. Share this email with them. Supporting an idea doesn’t cost anything. But it’s from supporting an idea – like choosing to fly to the moon – that the idea starts to gather the necessary momentum and power to become a reality!

Just like in this story, when each of us contributes our support, the combined strength that we generate grows, and ‘by that very action’, takes us one step closer towards the unity that we need to change our world for the better.

Remember – Ideas are not just ideas. They are the seeds of action that change the world




Hello. I am Marutesh, I stay in Bangalore . I have completed MA in economics in DAVANGERE UNIVERSITY. My father is an ex-service man and mother is Home maker. I am honorary teaching yoga and also I am taking classes for Government institution .if my impact need i do my father business. Additional qualification :diploma in computer application ,diploma in health inspector , yoga instructors course.

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