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Crafting Penguins To Solving Problems – It’s All Hidden In Art

Can problem-solving skills be nurtured? That’s a “yes” from me – and the “yes” comes after a lovely artsy morning that my daughter and I spent creating a miniature snow town from scrap. Cotton swabs, paints, paper rolls, glue, dried… Continue Reading →

98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit

Four days of raging fever, over a dozen doses of paracetamol, needle pricks on a thin arm, wailing puking burning child… its been a trying week. Our little girl is fighting against an infection that the blood tests are yet… Continue Reading →


A warm hi, to all my wanderlust readers. I was super excited when I sat down to write this article on travel which is straight out from my heart and is laden with experiences. I have always been wanderlust at… Continue Reading →


SUCCESS. The word itself sends chills and thrills in our hearts and butterflies buzzing in our stomachs. Every creature existing on our planet wants to be successful, either for survival or for victory. Have we all ever noticed that a… Continue Reading →

Each moment well lived is Success

  For me success is being blissful every moment of life. Success is being in state where I can use my mind and body at full potential. Success is when just my presence can be productive. When I take responsibility… Continue Reading →

Success: Difficult to attain, harder to sustain

 A school girl had to take part in the recitation competition of the school. She had taken all efforts to memorize the poem, recited it several times in her room alone, to her dad, to her sister, to her friend… Continue Reading →

Success Saga – The thing about Success

  If there was ever a formula for success, or a sure fire approach, human race would have self-decimated itself long time ago. And thank God, for that.   And yet, Success by no means, is entirely a freak accident… Continue Reading →

Top Rated Movies or Serials – Any Language

This is a list of my favourite movies / serials, spanning Marathi – English as well as Hindi. While I am openly tilted towards Marathi entertainment of all kinds, in compiling this, I have made every effort to remain as… Continue Reading →

Enlightenment is the path to success

Ultimate Success is ‘Enlightenment ‘. Ultimate path is build by many Tremendous Success in life.   We all know ultimate success of our soul journey is to get enlightment. Before enlightment our soul need to find out its actual purpose… Continue Reading →

Self talk (ST) in Emotional Intelligence (EI)

We must be aware of the terms of our discussion before we get to know how it affects or heals the following imperative segments of our life- Metabolism – The chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order… Continue Reading →


LAUNCH OF “DELETE, LOGOFF & SHUTDOWN CORRUPTION” BY DR. KIRAN BEDI AT RAJ NIWAS, PUDUCHERRY “If a country has to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who… Continue Reading →

Challenges in the time of digital addiction

Digitisation has permeated every urban household and workplace today. The services it provides in daily life make digitisation indispensable to people of all lifestyles. Higher the socio-economic status of the individual greater the reliance on digitisation and the associated paraphernalia…. Continue Reading →

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