Delete log off & Shutdown Corruption

Delete log off & Shutdown Corruption

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Corruption is a malaise that is deep-rooted, corroding the systems and administration, making it hollow at the core, consequently collapsing the economy of the country characterized by economic depression, civil unrest and highly increased poverty levels. Honesty and sincerity has taken a back seat. Even for a common man giving and taking bribes has become a common place. It is no longer felt turpitude of morality. It has been taken for granted and termed as ‘anecessary evil’.Can we break this propensity and dream a ‘corruption mukth Bharat’?

Our writers through stories, experiences, poems, satires and essays have aired out their vehemence against corruption. It should be everybody’s endeavour to delete logoff and shutdown corruption from their lives and prevent it from rolling down to the upcoming generations.

The book was launched by none other than Dr. Kiran Bedi, honourable Lt Governor, Puducherry and with a great fanfare by Ms. Priya Dutt at Title Waves Mumbai.


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2 reviews for Delete log off & Shutdown Corruption

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal

    Getting this Wonderful Book Released from None other than the Honorable Governor of Puducherry Ms. Kiran Bedi and Ms. Priya Dutt was a Dream Come True for Sparkians. Corruption is a Worldwide Malady and Uprooting it from the Pysche of the Human Mind is a Marathon Task and Bringing this Noble Intent to the Forefront in such a Remarkable is a Daunting Task. Amazing Articles on Corruption by the Authors of Spark can Really Contribute in Uprooting this Evil from the Minds of the Man and Society at Large.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Meenakshi Raina

    Writers from all walks of life collaborated for a great cause under the name “Spark-Igniting Minds”.

    “Delete, Log-Off & Shut Down Corruption” is a book written with a purpose where Sparkians have put down the causes along with their solutions to curb the roots of corruption from our country.

    Launched by Dr. Kiran Bedi and her foreword has made this book significant and a must read for all.

    Priya Dutt, member of parliament, has also validated this book.

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