Shivaay- The Immortal One

Shivaay- The Immortal One

He has the divinity of both the world’s emotion,
One bursting with poison, another one with potion.

Eminent one from the holy trinity,
He is the destroyer himself but genesis of creator’s affinity.

Illuminating the world with his third eye,
Ash is smeared all over his body.

He is far away from social sham,
He is known for proverbial anger but epically calm.

Left ambrosia and compassionately chose venom,
Protecting the Universe with trident, his efficacious weapon.

He is fire but he is blue,
He is the darkness and he is sun too.

His hair is disheveled absorbing the pain of the world,
He is a commoner but special moon on forehead is crescent and curled.

He lives on the rocky mountains but he belongs to the woods,
His third eye radiates life and is the genesis of all good.

He is mark of ambiguity and life of paradox,
He is benign and malignant at the same time.

He is deep sleep in utter wakefulness,
Universe is happening due to him but he is nothingness.

He is Shiva, eternal force of existence,
Formless, limitless, transcending into absolute Universe with persistence!

Kirti Singh

A passionate painter, poet, an avid reader personally and an investment banker professionally. 13 years of work experience in customer service, operations and continuous improvement in financial industry. I believe happiness is a permanent state of mind but few things, people or situations add to the bliss. For me, universe is one family and we all are bound by one force: love. Love adding colours in everyone's life. I developed the love for writing 5 years back. Have not created any blog and all my write ups go in my book compilation. I'm excited to share my work here and read through all your splendid articles.

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