SUCCESS : One Word Which Owns Whole World

SUCCESS : One Word Which Owns Whole World

SUCCESS : One Word Which Owns Whole World

️️️️️️️️️️मंज़िले कभी दूर नही होती अगर हौसला बुलंद हो । 

रास्ता अपने आप बनता है अगर इरादे मजबूत हो ।।

माना कि सफलता बहुत बलिदान के बाद मिलती है । 

पर निष्फलता भी तो कहाँ मुफ्त में मिलती है ।।

क्या है ये सफलता का राज वो सबको पता है । 

पर जान बुजके सब अनजान बने घूम रहे है ।।

– हिरेन पटेल

️️️️️️️️️️I believe that after reading these lines, You must have got an Idea about What We gonna discuss Now.

SUCCESS – An Accident Or SureFire

Before We start discussing, We need to Understand the term called SUCCESS.

▶️Currently Success has become the trend in Each and Every Aspect of Our Lives. Seriously if We look around, then We will be able to observe that Each and Everyone wants to become Successful.

But Question Is,

Do We Really Have Knowledge of What is Success?

What I believe is that Our Vedas are Authentic Source to get Knowledge about Success.  So let’s start the Journey to figure out the Meaning of True Success and How One Can Acquire It.

In the Vedic Prayers, the Worshippers, including the Priests, unhesitatingly seek the Help of God to Achieve Success.

How Vedas Defines The Success?

Vedas recognize the Role of KARMA, God, Demigods, and Others in Achieving Success but Give Priority to the Dedicated Individual Effort as an Offering to God. Certain Qualities lead to Victory and Success, Such as the Resolve, Honesty, and Integrity displayed by Young Nachiketha when he stayed for three days in the hell with the Single-Minded Determination to have a Direct Conversation about Life and Death with Yama, The Lord of Death.

From the Perspective of the Vedas, You can Greatly Increase Your Chances of Success or Minimize the Possibility of Failure by Several Means with Qualities as follows:

  • Prayers
  • Actions
  • Sacrifice
  • Service
  • Karma
  • Knowledge
  • Blessings
  • Intelligence
  • Divine help

In the Vedas, We come across two Basic Approaches to acquire Success.

1️⃣The Way of Gods (Daivika)

2️⃣The Way of Asuras (Daitya).

The Way of Gods is the Path of Righteousness to Fulfill Desires or Achieve Victory, whereas the Way of Asuras is the Demonic Path of Sinful Actions and Deceptive Methods, which leads to One’s Downfall and Suffering in the Darker Worlds.

️The Isa Upanishad also suggests that Worldly People should solely focus neither upon Worldly Success through Rituals and Sacrifices nor upon Spiritual Success through Renunciation and Spiritual Practice.

The First One is the Path of Ignorance (Avidya), and the Second One is the Path of Knowledge (Vidya). Both are Important, and Both should be Pursued, Cross the World of Suffering. In other words, Worldly People must Aim for both Worldly Success and Spiritual Success and Lead Holistic, Balanced Lives to Fulfill their Obligations and Responsibilities.

Best Practices to Achieve Success and Perfection

Success in any Effort is not Achieved Overnight. There are three factors, that play an important role in the Life and Destiny of Every Person.

1️⃣ Internal Causes (Adhyathmika),

2️⃣ External Factors (Adhibhauthika) &

3️⃣ Divine Causes (Adhidaivika)

➡️In all of them, You are the Key. Your Karma, Thoughts, and Actions must lead to Your Material and Spiritual Wellbeing. There must be Harmony between Your Intention and Your Destiny for Your Wishes to Come True. Some People are Very Successful because they have learned to reflect the Power of God in them and through them, with Inner Perfection and Purity. Both arise through Spiritual Effort and Self-Transformation.

✡️The Bhagavad Gita also recommends that You should Focus upon Your Actions rather than their Fruit to avoid their Karmic Consequences.

️ ब्राह्मणक्षत्रियविशां शूद्राणां च परन्तप |

कर्माणि प्रविभक्तानि स्वभावप्रभवैर्गुणै: ||

▶️Meaning:- The duties of the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras—are distributed according to their Qualities, in accordance with their Guṇas (and not by birth).

️ स्वे स्वे कर्मण्यभिरत: संसिद्धिं लभते नर: |

स्वकर्मनिरत: सिद्धिं यथा विन्दति तच्छृणु ||

▶️Meaning:- By fulfilling their Duties, Born of their Innate Qualities, Human Beings can attain Perfection.

Now I will narrate How one can become Perfect by Discharging One’s Prescribed Duties. There are Critical Aspects Which One Has to Follow to Acquire True Divine Success.

संकल्प:- Where you Set the Goals and Give a Clear Shape to Your Desires and Intention.

दीक्षा:- Where You Commit Yourself to the Chosen Action.

अभ्यास:- The Regular and Persistent Practice of Prescribed Methods.

श्रद्धा:-  Having Faith and Conviction in your Methods, Beliefs, and Goals.

वीर्य:- Having the Courage and Confidence to Overcome Obstacles and Succeed,

स्वध्याय:- Learning by Self-Effort the Knowledge which is Vital to your Practice.

स्म्रति:- Remembering and Learning from Others, from Your Guru, and From Your Past Failures.

प्रजना:- The Intelligence to Foresee Problems and Make the Right Decisions.

समाधि:- Concentration and Complete Absorption in What you do and What you Seek.

वैराग्य:– Keeping your Passions and Emotions under Control with Detachment.

तप:– Austerity of the Mind, Body, and Speech.

समत्वम:- Sameness in both Success and Failure.

The Role of God in Worldly Success.

Human beings possess all the Powers and Qualities of God as Potencies and Latent Powers, but they remain Suppressed because of the Triple Modes of Nature (गुणास). Therefore, their Power of Manifestation also remains Suppressed either Fully or Partially according to their Gunas. To Achieve Success or Perfection in any field, they must take refuge in God and try to remove the Impurities so that their Hidden Potencies Manifest in the Purity of their Minds and Bodies.

Now as We understood the Vedic Wisdom about SUCCESS, in the Upcoming Part let’s look at Some General & Simpler Ways to define Success by Considering the Different Aspects of Life. As a part of this, let me Share My Way of Defining SUCCESS. I am Successful If

  • I am Adding Values to My Family.
  • I am able to Help My Friends for their Positive Growth by Being with Me.
  • I am Helpful to Society and Social Morals.
  • I am Contributing to the Nation.
  • I am part of Creating the Better World for Existing as well as Coming Generation.

So for me Success Means,

“What I am Contributing In Each Aspect of My Life and Surroundings!!!”

But When I meet people and interact with them and I ask that, What is the Meaning of ‘SUCCESS’ for them?

I got quite different replies as below,

  • If I am having this much bank balance then they will consider themselves as Successful.
  • If They have satisfaction in life then they will consider themselves as Successful.
  • If Their Social status in terms of Relationships is good then they will consider themselves as Successful.

So as We all have the Same Emotions as at the end We are human beings with Common Experiences in the Journey of LIFE. Definitely, We are not here to Judge Whose Definition is Right or Wrong as it varies from person to person.

Do You Agree with Any of the Above Statements???

️After having Quality Knowledge About Success, I believe that now We all are ready for the Second Aspect

♻️ SUCCESS – Accident Or SureFire

Let’s Discuss Both Aspects And Examine Which We Are Able to Relate More.

1️⃣ Success is an Accident.

2️⃣ Success is SureFire.

So Let Us Examine these Beliefs with Successful Examples.

  1. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  2. Narendra Modi
  3. Virat Kohli
  4. Kiran Bedi
  5. Amitabh Bachchan

Like these,

There are thousands of Examples of Successful People in their Respective Lives.

So to Understand Whether Success is An Accident Or SureFire. Let me ask a Few Questions and Let’s see if We can reach to the Wise Conclusion.

⭕Did Honorable PM Narendra Modi accidentally become Prime Minister or Sure Fire was there with His Intentions?

⭕Did A.P.J Abdul Kalam launched the First missile accidentally or Sure Fire was there with His Dedication and Constant Efforts?

⭕Did Kiran Bedi bring Revolutionary Change in Tihar Jail Accidentally Or Surefire was there while She was Working on it?

⭕Did Virat Kohli Accidentally become Captain of Indian Team or his Unbeatable Discipline and Sure Fire was there?

⭕Did Amitabh Bachchan get title ‘सदी के महानायक’ accidentally or Sure Fire was there in Each Phase of his Career?

What do you think about their Successes?

Can’t We say that It was Sure Fire and Surely not an Accident?

So Now We have Clear Conclusion that,


Because Accident Happens Every Day Not Success.

I believe that You would have Got Value by Investing Your Time by reading this Post. I would love to Know Your Views. Please post your Comments on the Blog.

In The End, Let me Share One of the Poems Which is Connected to Success (written by me).


निकले है हम एक उम्मीद लेके जीवन में ।

की होंगे कामयाब एक दिन इस जीवन में ।।

मुश्किलें खड़ी है बहूत हर एक कदम पे ।

रास्ता भी बहूत कठिन है हर एक कदम पे ।।

लेकिन हमें परवा नही ये मुश्किलों की ।

और नाही हम डरते है कठनाइयों से ये रास्तो की ।।

क्योंकि क्या है ना हारना हमने सीखा नही कभी भी जीवन में ।

और जितने की तोह पहले से ही आदत लगी है जीवन में ।।

आइए एक वादा करते है इस मौके पे अपने आपसे ।

की कभी नही हारेंगे या झुकेंगे किसी भी मुश्किलो से ।।

चलिए तो फिर मिलेंगे और एक नई बात नई सिख लेके ।

क्योंकि जिन्दगि का सार ही है परिवर्तन हर एक पल पे ।।


Jay Shree Krishna!!!

Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel is a Professional Networker. He is Actively Building an Organization of Entrepreneurs Globally through the Platform of the Direct Selling Industry, in association with QI Group, Malaysia. His Pursuit of taking up Focused Initiative has begun at the Early Age of 20 Years.

He is an Avid Reader having Read over 450+ Books to Date. He is a Passionate Blogger, a Writer, and a Creative Professional Inspiring People through his Soul-Searching Ideas. He is a Radical Thinker with a Strong Base in Practical Idealism.


Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel belongs to the city of Rajkot, Gujarat. He dropped out off his engineering college as he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He has done many traditional business in different areas like real estate, imitation jewelry, restaurant.Now he is working on a revolutionary concept of direct selling since 3+ years all across globe. Also, as per vision of my mother, he is running an education academy in Rajkot by the name of Speaklish English Academy.


Meenakshi Raina Posted on3:42 pm - Jul 20, 2018

Your write up has made me still.

Oh God, so much घ्यान you are having.

It was an incredible experience for me to read your personal learning in the journey of Success.

The best part was the संस्कृत शलोक with their elaborative meaning which enhanced the value of your entire write up plus your own quotes and your own poems.

Must say that you have very analytical and beautifully presented this great article that it is gonna help masses to learn from it the strategies and techniques to achieve their goals of life to become a successful person in their respective lives.

May you achieve the heights of success in your upcoming life.

God bless you भाई

Julie Patel Posted on5:27 pm - Jul 20, 2018

Wahhhh? very keenly described the true meaning of success?
What a line ” Accidents happens Everyday not Success”
Poems are really amazing?

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