Hey, How are you? We are often asked this question by a lot of people. And our usual replies are Fine, Good or Awesome. Now go and stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself the same question again. That’s where the true answer lies. Unfortunately we live in a world where people crave drama, negativity spreads faster than positivity, hatred prevails over love and happiness becomes the last priority of all. In that inner turmoil we all look for that sliver lining that inspires us to drive towards our goals. For me, that person apart from my mother was Lilly Singh aka Superwoman.

Let’s start with 9 years ago when a 21 year old girl sat in her room in Ontario, Canada, crying her eyes out as she dealt with depression. One of the things that, slowly ruins a person from inside and the urges to live reduces, she found a way live life. In one of her interviews she said “I was coming out of a really difficult time period and I wanted a way to cheer myself up and also cheer other people up.”  That’s how her YouTube journey started by making “How to tie a Turban” video which got exactly 70 views to her 3 billion current views.

In the midst of trying to figure out things in life her concerned parents made her complete her psychology degree in fear of the career option she had chosen. Asking for a year to prove herself she dived into the pool of YouTube; never looking back to the past she put her undivided attention into making videos. The time she started there weren’t many South Asian people on the platform. Working hard towards her goals she finally hit 1 million subscribers on August 22, 2013, exactly the year I started following her journey.

She made two videos a week Monday and Thursday with a vlog documenting her day which she uploaded daily on the platform. The name of her main channel is iiSuperwomanii which got inspired from her childhood where calling herself Superwoman gave her strength to overcome things. From there she got her ‘S’ ring which she still wears and holds it close to her heart. She did various shows like Lana Steele : Makeup  Spy, Taube’s Hottest, Terminator Genisys : The YouTube Chronicles, Epic rap battles of History but the one thing that stood out from all this and gave her career a new direction was the world she did naming it ‘A Trip to Unicorn Island’ which is also now her own production company.

This was the idea she got in 2015 as she texted her manager saying “I want to go on a world tour.” People said no to her, made fun of her because she thought of doing something like that, you know if you are as stubborn and determined as her you just do it. Going ahead with her vision she announced the tour in YouTube Fanfest Mumbai with that her crazy journey started.

The main purpose of this tour was to spread happiness all over the world, making people believe in themselves, to hustle, work hard towards their dreams and goals. Going on a world tour is not a cup of tea with making a team of dancers, to costumes, to budget, to stage issues she conquered it all along with her team like a Bawse. The show was a package full of singing, dancing, stand up, positivity and inspiration. The day she completed her 30 shows journey, she learned that there will be difficulties and obstacles, along with it you will have to sacrifice a lot but with your hard work, determination and passion you will achieve the results you desire. Turning the show into a documentary you get a sneak peek of how the entire process was done. In the end the one thing that stuck in my brain during the entire show was “Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life.”

Moving to another country leaving all your family and friends is always a tough choice; when you want to grow and evolve these decisions prove to be fruitful. While others dream of coming to LA, Lilly made it come true. Changing continents didn’t stop her from hustling harder, while some days were rough she pulled it through. In this lifetime she had learnt some hard hitting lessons which she decided to share it to the world. That’s how her next venture ‘How to be Bawse’ book came out. And no I didn’t spell Bawse wrong that’s how it’s meant to be. ‘BAWSE means a person who exudes confidence, hustles relentlessly, reaches goals and smiles genuinely because he or she has fought through it all and made it out the other side.(these are her own words written on the back of the book.)

With chapters like conquer your thoughts, climb the ladder, protect your vision, be unapologetically yourself, be nice to people and promote what you love. The book is a perfect balance of inspiration and motivation; a guide to people looking to make some serious changes, to be a Bawse.

From shooting videos all by herself in her room to collaborating with global stars like Dwayne Johnson (her biggest inspiration), Selena Gomez, Will Smith, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas (whose wedding also she attended), Mitchell Obama and many more. Being the first digital platform ambassador of Unicef to launching her Girl Love campaign, she achieved her dreams one step at a time. This evokes a spark in me pushing me to be better every single time.

Life gets tough, there will be times when you will fall and crumble to pieces, your soul will be crushed, dreams will break, hopes will go in vain, getting up will seem impossible. In that moment push yourself a little, keep your head up, get past the claws holding you and emerge like a phoenix from the ashes.

Reading any story will inspire you, motivate you and that will be the end of it. Acting on those principles, walking on the guidelines, making mistakes; owning them with courage, learning from them to evolve, is entirely your choice.

So I would say get up start working because we all have the same 7 days in a week to accomplish our dreams, it’s up to us how wisely we use it. One last thing I say is Thank You, Lilly Singh for being you and inspiring millions of Team Super. Let’s end the story the same way she concludes her videos “One Love Superwoman; that is a Wrap and zoop.”

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