Sushma Ji is Beyond!

Sushma Ji is Beyond!

Sushma Ji is Beyond!


Is it a word or a complete story without end? Without end as the end remains the beginning always!

Beyond is oneness. Beyond is the universe. And so was our beloved Late Sushma Swaraj Ji!

She stood high beyond legacy, power, money, traditions, gender, religion, conflict, cast & creed; and geographical boundaries.  The fragrance of her presence had spread beyond the high personalities geographically.

She stood high with her humility, smile, receptiveness, and purpose of empathy. She condemned the people, roar like a lioness without losing the music to mesmerize.

She was a mother at heart for all; she was a friend and a sister to all.

She manifested the possibility of a lotus in humankind.

People learn with failures, she made it through successes. Her achievements were never her personal; her every achievement was well celebrated by her party and nation as a whole.

She happens to be omnipresent like space; still no sight able to lose her identity even in the middle of Atal-Advani Ji, Modi-Shah Ji or any other personality.

Immortality is beyond life and death, and when you able to live in the heart of people as love & respect; you live in the lives of people as inspiration; you are the reason for the pride of people; when the tears speak your absence and memories with you; You are Beyond!

Sushma Ji is Beyond!

Manish, The Mindfood Chef

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