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GO TO  GOA—–GO TO GOD Lollapalooza !! The rustic there exhaled the scent of mystic. The moment my feet touched that terra firma , the profundity of the lines “ You may write me down in history with your bitter… Continue Reading →

My Woof Mate

Love, friendship, and bonding are not always at the stake of words. Such emotions sometimes come clad in a Lick, a wag, and a woof. Those lucky ones blessed with a woof mate will surely agree with me on this… Continue Reading →

Bonded For Life!

Ringggg… my mobile buzzed, defying the serenity of the sparkling snow-clad peak of Apharwat, Gulmarg. I reached for my phone wondering who it is, disturbing the absolute peace at 14000 ft… A call from the airline canceling our flight back… Continue Reading →

Kanha’s Breath , Radha’s Music

Kanha’s penchant for mischief led him to play many pranks on Yamuna’s banks. But that twilight saw him a tad sober. The natural  Lover that he was, he took in Radha with all his senses. Seated on a lotus bed,… Continue Reading →

Durga – Girl Uninterrupted

 We were strolling the banks of the river Ganges, under the celestial sky, mesmerized by the floating diyas (little lamps lighted and let loose in the Ganges by devotees), meandering the course of the river, as we neared the Sai… Continue Reading →

Metamorphosis to Spirituality!

When you are born in a religious Bengali Brahmin family, you grow up believing in religion wholeheartedly. My parents are religious. My mother offers Puja to the god every single day. My father chants Gayatri Mantra daily after bath. They… Continue Reading →

FEELINGS – a ballad

FEELINGS – a ballad   His blood boiled at an unusual pace, His brows upturned on his face, He clenched his fists till his knuckles turned white, He wanted to cry, but knew it wasn’t right.   He shunned mankind… Continue Reading →

The Spectrum of Two Worlds Spectrum of two Worlds   Its phenomenal to know, that one among the many facets of God’s creation is “YOU”. And there is another special someone created by God for you, who helps you find yourself in this lost… Continue Reading →

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