Ending is Beginning

Wanna a life that ends in fun, That ends happy, That ends fulfilled? Live it in fun, Live it happy, Live it fulfilled! But don’t forget to start it in fun, Start it happy, Start it fulfilled! When you sow a seed, A tree is born, The tree gives fruits That contain the seeds For you to sow So that a tree is grown. Summer comes, Siphons the water, The earth becomes parched, Thirst for

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The moon scorches too With its incandescence; Moonshine burns you too With its silvery essence… When the tides turn after twilight And the old moon surfaces above, When lakes and streams and oceans alike To her invisible force are all drawn — What chance, my friend, then do mortal emotions stand, When mighty seas her silken strength can barely withstand? — Saon Bhattacharya  

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