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At The Altar We Met

A father-daughter relationship has a charm of its own. There’s a deeper sense of conviction that bonds this relationship so strong and secure. I had penned this poem at a time when I was a member of a student team… Continue Reading →


CORRUPTION – BEGIN AT HOME ! Have you heard the popular Kannada slogan ” Swalpa adjust maadukolli !!” This saying which means “ kindly adjust a little ” was created with an intent  to convey ”take it light and move… Continue Reading →

Getting Back To Childlike Optimism!

Being a mother of two, one two-legged human offspring and another four-legged adopted offspring, I am privileged enough to see hopefulness and optimism all around in abundance. We all know children are amazingly optimistic people; they are firm believers that… Continue Reading →


By Ashi Kalim Parenting is an art-a skill. Parents are their children “Bright Knights” and aspire to set a positive impact on their kiddos. The parents should always be a HERO for child. Getting weird on kids!!is a big no…. Continue Reading →

Parenting: Touch, Feel and let them Grow

By Arbind Kumar Khushboo is a housewife, and her marvelous journey of parenting and shaping personalities of her children is unique. She faced difficulties in dealing with growing children, sometimes wept, and prayed to God to have adaptive technique, to… Continue Reading →

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