The Path To Success : Doesnt Exist; You Have To Build It!

HOW TO DEFINE SUCCESS? Success…. This is something that is a very subjective topic, more so in the modern times. Each person will like as not will have a highly individual perception on this rather hot and debatable topic. There is no easy way to broach this topic; which makes writing some on this, a task of a very high order of complexity. More so, as the past 20 years have seen a huge explosion

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Happiness is like a butterfly……..

      Happiness is like a butterfly…….. It flies away from you when you run after it………… It sits on your shoulder when you stop seeking it…….. Happiness for her was to know she belonged to him.  Happiness for her was to run her fingers thru’ his hair. For  her ‘twas a state of bliss without a care. But alas! Life took him away from her; she belonged not to him.   Loving him

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