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Spiritual Nature of Relationships

  If you’re a believer in re-birth or karma, and believe things happen for a reason, you wouldn’t be surprised that the most important relationships you have around you – spouse, parents, kids, friends, relatives, and enemies too, may not… Continue Reading →

A Good Fire Going

There have been reams written about love, but between love and respect, respect is what keeps the home fires burning long after the first rasping spark on the tinder box of attraction has burnt itself out. People focus so much… Continue Reading →

Still waters running deep

I have often wondered about the glue that binds people together, about why some relationships become stronger over the years while some fall along the way. Do we all unconsciously move towards what our subconscious feels is a more comfortable… Continue Reading →

The Timeless weave of soulmates

The fabric of space and time is enthralling for those who care enough to stop by. A pair of soulmates enmeshed in the fabric of time and space definitely would. It might occur to them that if time is one… Continue Reading →

Empowerment! Is it only for women?

When I was asked to write about women empowerment, I hesitated… wasn’t sure what should I be writing about. Should I be talking about my mother, who never went to the market for grocery shopping, yet now she boldly goes… Continue Reading →

Secret of living a happy life!!!

We all love to be credited for our work. It gives us a high. But along with it comes a great responsibility to reach the hearts of every human who needs US. We are in an era where human mind… Continue Reading →

It’s ok not to be okk

It’s ok not to be ok Come mid-week of December, social media was rife with rife with the reports of a 17-year-old missing boy. He came from an educated, upper-middle-class background, living in an upscale neighborhood. Having children in the… Continue Reading →

When Suicide Becomes a Daily Thought!

Have you ever wondered how will be the life of a person who thinks of taking their life every single day? Have you ever thought how does it feel like living in darkness even if someone is standing under full… Continue Reading →

Happily Ever After

I love vicariously through lovers on the streets, basking in their smiles and borrowing their blushes. Reminiscing the days when we were once a thing, without a worry of the world and destiny at our feet. Rollickingly exuberant – freshly… Continue Reading →

How to get a nett positive balance in your relationship’s saving account?

Weird? Is it? What do I mean? Whenever we mention the word relationship, it triggers a positive vibe in the brain. The very genesis of the word is “relation” is optimistic and therefore at the drop of this word, we… Continue Reading →

Relationship Secrets – Every girl needs a MAN who is a FAN

Relationships have become very unpredictable and strange these days. 2 facts about relationship that hit my mind very instantly are Divorce in Relationship Not interested in Relationship Our mother and father or maybe uncles and unties have been in a relationship… Continue Reading →

Wedding Vows

Jenny and Arthur were struck by cupid, post meeting at a common friends get together. They were an instant click with angels singing love songs like a halo around their heads. Jenny a small wonder standing at 5’2 her shiny… Continue Reading →

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