Speak From The Heart – Sanaatan Dharm Series

Speaking from the heart is an idiom, a statement that we have often heard; I have always wondered how can we do that? Its full meaning was always beyond me, beyond my understanding. How exactly do we speak from the heart? Its meaning has been understood by some as being truthful; by others as speaking your

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Sanaatan Dharm Explained : My Personal Path; The Basics {Sanaatan Dharm Series}

I am an ardent student of the Ancient Literature of our Religion, Sanaatan Dharm. The following article is the next article in a series in an honest attempt to consolidate my readings in my mind, and represents a continuing hunt, a search and a struggle to understand. This article is basis 3.5 years of studying

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Our Actions and Our Nature : Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Series 5

This article, or rather  -series of thoughts – is based on The Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, Chapter 15, verses 5-9 and Chapter 18 verses 56-60; while reading these, some realizations and thoughts came to my mind – on the nature of our interaction with the outside world, our responses, thoughts actions and reactions. Before I go

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