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Success is Ours for Sure! Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!!

Success is Ours for Sure!  Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!! (In Kannada, it means this time, the trophy/cup/ success is ours for sure)   The essence of this slogan is the dream of many ! But can one be sure of… Continue Reading →


What drives every action of human being is the intention of achieving success in the outcome of that action.  Hence, a question like what success means is absurd.  There is not one single definition of success that could hold good for… Continue Reading →


  The last couple of years I have been actively engaging myself with meeting strangers, making friends with them and speaking to them.  I speak  about what is the one thing that they really care about and that is most… Continue Reading →

Me and my Travellator

  Our journey begins the day we are born. My journey also began in the same way. I was born, I grew up… 1 yr old.. 2 yrs old… Life went on. When I was of 2 years I was… Continue Reading →


Aparigraha Aparigraha is the art of what is needed. Truly applied it is a great freedom for the practitioner and distills all our material and psychological possessions down to what we need. By Paul Dallaghan Since I spent a lot… Continue Reading →

The Power of Positivity…

It is a human tendency to blame other’s for one’s own sufferings.  But If our sufferings are caused by someone else then same should be applicable for our pleasure. But we human beings are very smart, we want to enjoy… Continue Reading →

MENTAL FITNESS – Let wonders happen in your Life

MENTAL FITNESS – Let wonders happen in your Life   Have you ever questioned yourself why am I Sad and the other happy? If we delve deep inside the answer lies within us. The happiness quotient lies beneath our emotional… Continue Reading →

It’s ok not to be okk

It’s ok not to be ok Come mid-week of December, social media was rife with rife with the reports of a 17-year-old missing boy. He came from an educated, upper-middle-class background, living in an upscale neighborhood. Having children in the… Continue Reading →

When Suicide Becomes a Daily Thought!

Have you ever wondered how will be the life of a person who thinks of taking their life every single day? Have you ever thought how does it feel like living in darkness even if someone is standing under full… Continue Reading →

Do I do this?

It was a lazy Sunday morning. I was trying to open my eyes, but my eyelids were too heavy for me to lift in one go. Taking the advantage of my heavy eyelids, I stayed in the bed for some… Continue Reading →

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