Still waters running deep

I have often wondered about the glue that binds people together, about why some relationships become stronger over the years while some fall along the way. Do we all unconsciously move towards what our subconscious feels is a more comfortable or ‘stable’ state of being? Is this the reason we instinctively relate to some people while some others remain strangers forever? Could there be an analogy with the way elements in the universe come together

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The Timeless weave of soulmates

The fabric of space and time is enthralling for those who care enough to stop by. A pair of soulmates enmeshed in the fabric of time and space definitely would. It might occur to them that if time is one of the threads running through that fabric, surely love must be the needle that was used by the seamstress to hold it in place. Knowledge might very well then be the eye of the needle

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